Company refurbishes quarantine centre floor

13th April 2012

Corrosion protection, epoxy flooring, concrete repair and waterproofing company Verni-Speciality Construction Products has been awarded a contract to refur- bish the floors in the quarantine centre at the Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC’s) Onderstepoort Vetinary Institute, north of Pretoria.

The floors in the quarantine centre have deteriorated over the past 20 years and the ARC put out a tender for the rehabilitation and protection of the floors.

Verni submitted a detailed plan for the refurbishment of the floors and recommended the installation of 6-mm-thick Supaflor-PU HD. Supaflor-PU HD is a heavy-duty polyurethane screed, which is suitable for use in demanding environments.

The floor screed had to meet a number of stringent criteria. It had to be totally inert, nontainting and resistant to bacterial growth. The floor also had to be highly resilient, as most of the test specimens are cattle and horses and the subsequent floor finish had to be able to withstand high traffic volumes of highly abrasive hooves.

Another important aspect of the specification was the ease of cleaning the floor screed. Supaflor-PU HD fulfilled these requirements and was a natural product choice, states Verni.

In keeping with common hygiene standards, a coved skirting was formed at the juncture of the walls and floors to ensure that the high level of hygiene required was maintained.

One of the major obstacles facing the installation teams was the strict entry criteria. All equipment, material and personnel had to go through a biohazard airlock on entering or exiting the facility. All these factors were considered in planning the works programme, and the project was completed within budget and on time.

Although by no means a high-profile area that will be seen by many, the successful rehabilitation of the floors at the quarantine centre ensures that the top veterinarian researchers can get on with their tasks without having to worry about the floor beneath their feet.

Verni also made use of a Supaflor-PU HD floor screed in the new factory for dairy products producer Dairy Corporation, in Bloemfontein.

Dairy Corporation approached Verni at the design stage and this enabled the company to advise on the correct specifications and ensure that these were adhered to, which ensured a trouble-free project.

The recommendation was to use Verni’s Supaflor-PU HD floor screed in the wet process areas. The surface texture of the screed has a nonslip finish, which is essential in wet environ- ments, while also being easy to clean.

The flooring system also had to be resistant to all the chemical conditions in a dairy, and had to be able to cope with forklift traffic and fully laden pallet jacks.

In keeping with good industry hygiene practice, a coved skirting was formed around the floor perimeter using Supaflor W poly- urethane coving mortar.

In the packaging and dry-process areas, the recommendation was to make use of Verni’s Supaflor-PU SL poly- urethane self-levelling screed. Supaflor-PU SL has a smooth, matte finish that is suitable for use in dry areas and is easily cleaned.

Through close cooperation with the client, Verni was able to tailor-make a specification and design that fulfilled the required criteria in a new, twenty-first century dairy. All aspects were carefully considered. The hygiene and the longevity of the floor finishes as well as the personnel’s health and safety were all taken into account during the design and installation of the floors.