Flexible copper busbar for local industry

11th April 2024

Flexible copper busbar for local industry

Cu-Flex flexible copper busbars

The Cubic range of Cu-flex flexible copper busbars is now available from Referro Systems, an authorised distributor of Rockwell Automation products in South Africa. This follows Rockwell Automation’s acquisition of CUBIC, specialists in modular systems for the construction of electrical panels.

The busbars feature flexibility, high electrical conductivity and durability, making them suitable for applications in many industries, especially where safe, reliable electrical connections and current-carrying capabilities are required.

Applications include:

The busbars are made of strands of copper wires that are woven into a flexible busbar. Using a proprietary technique, the ends of the busbar are forged into a solid unit. The insulated and flexible busbar is designed to provide time saving and maintenance-free connection contact surfaces for motor control centres, switchboards or industrial control panels.

Cu-flex busbars are supplied ready for use in a variety of lengths and sizes.