Exhibition Freighting GSM

31st January 2020

Exhibition Freighting GSM

An exhibition, trade show, event or demonstration would not be able to take place without the proper equipment and products. A major player in the exhibition freight forwarding arena in South Africa, Exhibition Freighting GSM (EF-GSM) is the obvious choice to handle the logistics for both local and international exhibitions and conferences. 

As a registered importer, not only does the company manage freight scheduling and the control of cargo through South Africa’s ports and airports, but also provides on-the-ground handling capabilities with an experienced team that knows and understands the territory. EF-GSM’s services go above and beyond, including the collection of display material, importing it into South Africa, handling customs procedures, storing products until the event date, delivering products directly to the event, storing empty packaging, organising the outward movement of products from the event and returning products to their point of origin or forwarding them to another event. 

Based in Cape Town, the 16-year-old company has positioned itself in the “gateway port” to the continent, affording it the ability to service operational commitments in the exhibition and conference industry across Africa. 

With experience in handling major events, such as AfricaCom, the IDF Conference, the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists and the Investing in African Mining Indaba, EF-GSM’s consistent efficiency, the expertise of its team and the company’s flexibility to react to market developments in new areas has established it as a leading contractor in South Africa.