Equipment suppliers bring tube-bending tech to local market

15th January 2016

Local industrial equipment, electrical and mechanical components supplier Elquip Solutions, together with Taiwanese manufacturer YLM, is bringing the best in global tube-bending technology to the local industry.

YLM is a specialised computer numerically controlled (CNC) and conventional tube, pipe bending, cutting and end-forming machinery manufacturer and has been distributing its products in South Africa for over ten years.

YLM supplies standalone, semiautomatic numerically controlled and fully electronic CNC tube-bending machinery, as well as a combination of electric and hydraulic variations of tube-bending machinery.

The company also caters for a wide range of tube diameters – from 4 mm to 220 mm. The machinery can be used on any metal tubing, including mild steel, stainless steel, ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as copper in any shape or profile.

Elquip Solutions MD Mike Cronin notes that, through YLM, Elquip can offer its existing customers a premium-quality brand that is on par with the best in the world.

“Elquip and YLM have formed a strong business partnership and we see eye to eye on the importance of delivering quick and efficient customer service,” says Cronin.

He adds that YLM machines have a reputation for being reliable and robust, noting that YLM’s machines operating in South Africa have done so without maintenance year after year.

“Currently, there are about 60 YLM machines operating in the local market across several industries, including the automotive, fabrication, rail, shipping, aviation and general engineering industries.”

The Taiwanese manufacturer is also currently developing in-house laser tube-cutting machines that make state-of-the-art technology available and accessible to customers.

“We pride ourselves on listening to the customer and it is that feedback that drives our innovation. Communication is very important to us,” highlights YLM regional manager Bella Lin.

YLM attended the Automechanika international trade fair for the automotive service industry in May 2015 in Johannesburg. The trade fair targets trade visitors from the sub-Saharan Africa region and visitors can view demonstrations of the tube-bending machines at the Elquip Solutions exhibition stand, highlights Lin.