Electropolished metals making pumping smoother

24th August 2018 By: Halima Frost - Reporter

Electropolished  metals making  pumping smoother

PACKING A PUNCH Smaller yet as powerful, the Packo Pump is food grade across the board

Following the introduction of the Packo Pump brand to the South African food and beverage industry, industrial equipment supplier Verder Pumps South Africa says the brand is electropolished as part of its finishing process.

Verder Pumps Packo Pumps product specialist Dwight Nortman explains that electro- polishing is the process of chemical and hand polishing of a stainless steel surface, which, subsequently, also stops bacteria and contagions from accumulating on the smoother surface.

“Once a surface has been electropolished, it is a lot smoother, hence wear and tear are reduced, as well as molecular adhesion, which prevents contamination. Packo can supply its food-grade pumps to numerous applications within the brewing process, from the initial stages to the bottling of the end-product,” says Nortman.

Having been awarded European hygienic engineering and design group standards as well as 3-A hygienic standards, Packo Pumps comply with US federal Food and Drug Administration standards, making it one of the leading pumps regarding compliance to sanitation globally.

The entire range is designed in closed couple format up to 2 000 m3/h. The design is 40% to 50% smaller than the equivalent long coupled design, subsequently requiring fewer parts, less assembly, less space and less maintenance, which also makes them a more cost-effective option.

“As part of its global work ethic, Packo Pumps are all handmade and welded in the European Union,” asserts Nortman. A pump takes between three to four weeks to reach South Africa after an order has been placed, with local stockholding planned for the future.

“Our goal for South Africa and the Southern Africa markets is to become the primary pumps supplier to the food and pharmaceuticals industries.