EcoPhi Renewables Engineering GmbH

14th February 2024

EcoPhi Renewables Engineering GmbH

EcoPhi receives RES funding for the marketing of its innovative digitization solutions for renewable energy projects in South Africa

Karlsruhe, December 27, 2023: In order to tap into the South African market, EcoPhi has successfully qualified as a participant in the RES programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, which is part of the Energy Export Initiative. The company has developed an energy management solution that is independent of manufacturers and enables the monitoring and control of solar systems, batteries, and diesel generators. This solution reduces costs and improves security of supply, particularly regarding the country's load shedding problem. By participating in the RES program, the young company intends to intensify its activities and expand its existing partner network.

Regular power outages or load shedding in South Africa pose significant challenges to commerce, industry, and private households. These interruptions not only affect daily operations but also impact the economy's productivity and the population's satisfaction. Amidst this energy uncertainty, the solar and storage industry is experiencing an impressive upswing. More and more companies and individuals are turning to renewable energy and battery storage to protect themselves from the effects of load shedding while promoting sustainable energy solutions. The shift to these technologies represents a significant step toward a more reliable and greener energy future in South Africa. The combination of a PV system with a battery storage system or diesel generator makes it possible to be independent of the power grid in times of load shedding, while saving on energy costs.

Digital solutions can help operate these systems more efficiently and sustainably. Since various components are often combined and connected to the power grid, centralized control solutions are essential. Through dynamic tariffs combined with intelligent control, batteries can be charged cost-effectively, and diesel generators can be operated fuel-efficiently.

EcoPhi has developed an innovative solution to address the challenges of load shedding. With its intelligent energy management system, solar installations and energy storage can be used in the best possible way, providing an efficient response to power grid interruptions, and ensuring a reliable and continuous energy supply. A unique feature of EcoPhi systems is their modularity and flexible applicability. This means that the systems can already be used economically in small domestic installations - but also in large and complex installations such as mini-grids or C&I projects. EcoPhi monitoring solutions offer a diverse range of applications that can be used in various combinations and scenarios.

EcoPhi Products - Modular and versatile

Specifically for the South African energy market, EcoPhi has developed a range of important products. EcoPhi has set itself the goal of making the monitoring and control of solar systems, batteries and diesel generators manufacturer independent. This not only enables more efficient energy production but also contributes to reducing operating costs and improving supply security.

Detailed monitoring of various system components enables precise analysis and improves overall performance. The system can provide real-time data to detect issues early and optimize maintenance intervals. In times of load shedding, the intelligent control system can ensure that solar systems and batteries are used efficiently. Different electricity tariffs make it possible to charge batteries at cost-effective times to secure the energy supply and maximize self-consumption. The EcoPhi control system also enables optimized use of diesel generators. Through intelligent coordination with the photovoltaic system and battery storage, diesel consumption can be reduced, which is not only cost-efficient but also reduces the environmental impact.

The EcoPhi solution stands out in particular due to its flexibility, allowing a large number of components from different manufacturers to be combined. In addition to the "classic" solar monitoring and control options, this also opens up a wide range of other application areas such as monitoring solar cold rooms or water systems.

South Africa as a strategic hub for Africa

The flexibility of the EcoPhi solution is evident in current projects the company is undertaking in South Africa. EcoPhi monitors pure PV installations as well as battery- and generator-coupled systems and also a water system. The successful commissioning of EcoPhi's initial projects in South Africa demonstrates the practical effectiveness of these innovative approaches. The company now plans to expand its activities further with the RES programme and extend its existing partner network to promote sustainable energy systems worldwide.

"South Africa is a very significant and strategically important market for EcoPhi. With our energy management systems, we have a perfect solution for the requirements of the South African energy market," says Sebastian Zenz, CTO of EcoPhi. "In the medium to long term, South Africa is intended to establish itself as the center of our activities on the African continent."

In the long term, the creation of a subsidiary in South Africa should enable the company to establish itself more firmly in the market and offer localized services. This is expected to contribute to regional presence and customer loyalty. South Africa is an ideal foundation for opening up further African markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to its experience and established local partnerships, the company can introduce its solutions in neighboring countries and address the specific needs of these regions.