Easy-to-read characters made from stainless steel

26th October 2018

Easy-to-read characters  made from stainless steel

HARD Easy-to-read characters are made of grade 316 stainless steel

Band-It range of stainless steel clamping and identification systems distributor Banding & Identification Solutions Africa offers an easy-to-read and -install identification system for equipment from hoses to heavy equipment.

Banding & Identification sales representative Matthew Campbell explains that the easy read system is essentially a tagging system comprising pre-cut characters (A to Z) and numerals (0 to 9), and special symbols, and is available in a range of sizes.

“Being pre-cut, there is no need for specialised tooling, users can also only acquire those letters, numbers or symbols applicable to their specific serial numbers, enhancing the system’s holistic effectiveness.”

Campbell states that letters, numbers and symbols for the easy read system are available in bags of ten or 100 and also supplied in complete easy read kits. These kit bags can be customised according to clients’ specific requirements.

These easy-to-read characters are slid onto a carrier, which is attached to any items such as hoses, cables, machinery, or they can be used as ‘flag’ tags. They are manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, which means they can withstand highly-corrosive environments.

Campbell states that the easy-to-read system can also be used in conjunction with performance polymer alloy coated grade 316 stainless steel reusable cable ties to provide a total cost-effective ‘tag-and-clamp’ solution. These cable ties are, in turn, also colour-coded for easy identification. “Characters can be slid directly onto a 10 mm or smaller cable tie to create a self-contained ‘wrap’ tag,” he adds.

The easy read system is ideal for installation and maintenance technicians.