Early Childhood Development Center Built by Longyuan and Mulilo Beneficial to Local Community

10th December 2019

Since the start of commercial operations in October 2017, the Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects have set early childhood development (“ECD”) as a priority to achieve the South African 2030 NDP goals, by investing in early childhood development, in a cost-effective way, to boost shared prosperity, promote inclusive economic growth, create jobs and end extreme poverty.

Longyuan Mulilo recognises that increasing access to ECD, as well as improving the quality of ECD provision, will contribute significantly to improving the learning outcomes of children within the basic education sector.

To date, the Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects have made major renovations to, and operationally supported, two ECD Centres, namely Kaalvoet Akadamie and Karoo Drupples in the Renosterberg and Emthenjeni Municipalities. A 3rd ECD Centre, Mthuthuzeli, is in the final stages of renovation and is scheduled for opening on 15 January 2020.

Through enterprise and supplier development, the Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects have ensured that all repairs and renovations of the ECD Centres were procured through empowering qualified small enterprises, being 100% local black women owned enterprises, in alignment with South African transformation policies and support of women businesses. (The amounts spent on repairs and renovations exceeds 4 Million Rand)

The Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects support over 200 children ranging from 2 to 6 years old and employs over 30 staff as ECD practitioners, gardeners, cooks and cleaners, taking care of the children and providing them with the very best care.

There have been countless donations, voluntary workers, support from community members and the local municipality, which gives us such joy in knowing that because of all our efforts combined, the children of Philipstown, De Aar and Britstown are well looked after.