DWS dismisses senior official for fraud, gross dishonesty

21st April 2023 By: Creamer Media Reporter

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has dismissed a senior official for fraud and gross dishonesty that had resulted in dual employment and double-dipping.

Gabonewe Madikela was found guilty of gross dishonesty for failing to terminate her employment contract with the Moses Kotane municipality after being appointed by the DWS in April 2022 and assumed her duties as a director in the Bulk Water and Pricing Regulation Unit.

Madikela was shortlisted, interviewed and then appointed on merit but did not resign from her former post with the municipality, the department said in a statement.

“The department launched an internal investigation into the matter and served Madikela with allegations of misconduct, which she received and acknowledged on January 17, 2023.”

The investigation sought to establish the merits of simultaneous employment contracts and to determine if she defrauded the Municipality an amount of approximately R778 557, by deliberately misleading it into believing that she could not report for duty as she was on paid leave whereas she was rendering services at the DWS.

A formal disciplinary action took place between January and March, she eventually pleaded guilty to both charges of misconduct levelled against her by the DWS.

“Madikela contravened the Disciplinary Code and Procedures for Senior Management Service (SMS) Members (Chapter 7 of the SMS Handbook) in that she intentionally acted in a dishonest manner when assuming employment in the department without terminating her employment with the municipality,” the DWS explains.

“Chapter 7 of the SMS Handbook was also contravened when Madikela made a misrepresentation for failing to submit a resignation letter and continued to submit leave forms and sick notes to Moses Kotane local municipality, thereby creating an impression that she was not well, and that she had been hospitalised while this was not the case.”

Madikela was served with a dismissal letter on April 17 and was effectively dismissed from the public service.