Drive configuration allows for optimal speed control

6th September 2019

Drive configuration allows for optimal speed control

SPEEDO CRUISE The Nord drive system effectively controls the speed of the motor to achieve optimum performance

Engineering components supplier Bearing Man Group’s (BMG’s) Nord drive systems encompass optimum drive configurations to ensure ideal performance of mechanical speed control for specific applications, in almost every industry.

Nord drive systems are designed by German precision engineers Getriebebau Nord and assembled locally by BMG.

“Nord drive systems, which meet stringent local and international quality standards, are known for reliability, energy efficiency, low noise levels, extended service life and reduced maintenance,” says BMG Nord Drive Systems electromechanical drives division national product specialist Deon Crous.

He adds that these modular drive systems incorporate advanced drive technology and special design features, to meet the exact requirements of every operation. In the processing sector for example, Nord drive systems are engineered with reinforced bearings and increased bearing spacing, especially for agitators, pumps and mixers used in process plants.

“Reinforced and larger output shaft bearings allow the gear unit to absorb high radial and axial bearing loads that occur during the agitating process. An important benefit of this design is the extended service life of the gear units.”

To enhance efficiency, an agitator version VL2 bearing with increased bearing spacing and reinforced bearings, as well as a drywell version, which is the VL3 with an additional oil drip plate and leakage or oil sensors, are available from BMG. The bearing spacing of VL2 and VL3 versions is increased with attachments, while the gear unit size remains unchanged.

Advantages of large oversized output bearings include quick assembly, large bore capacities, high radial load capacity and extended service life.

The Nord drive systems are easy to expand or upgrade, using a minimum of different types and sizes of components. Local assembly enables prompt delivery of drive systems and the ready availability of spare parts.

Included in BMG’s Nord range are drives for torques from 10 Nm to over 250 kNm, electric motors in the power range from 0.12 kW to 1000 kW and frequency inverters with the required power electronics up to 160 kW. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations, as well as for decentralised, fully-integrated drive units.

BMG has made a substantial investment to ensure assembly, stockholdings and technical back-up support are in line with impeccable international standards. A team of technicians, with extensive experience in gearing, offers a technical advisory and support service, tailored to meet the precise specifications of contractors, designers and the end-user.