Distribution partnership longevity proves model strength

30th November 2018

Distribution partnership longevity proves  model strength

CHRIS VOS, DARREL MOODLEY, MARK BEAN Filvent Johannesburg notes that the aftermarket support that Cummins Filtration provides is a large part of its success in the demanding mining industry

Mpumalanga-based industrial filtration and ventilation specialist Filvent has had a relationship with filtration brand Fleetguard since its establishment in the early 1990s. Cummins Filtration states that this longest-standing Fleetguard distribution partnership is a testament to the success of its independent distributor model to date.

“The reason we offer Fleetguard products is because these have been designed to meet the highest demands and requirements of the heavy-duty engines used particularly in the mining industry,” Filvent owner Chris Vos comments.

Filvent offers a full range of products, including air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and hydraulic filters. The company currently has a broad footprint in the Mpumalanga coalfields area, and has contracts with many of the major mining houses in the region.

In 2001, Filvent achieved ISO 9001-2008 accreditation, and in 2010 was accredited by TÜV Rheinland. Vos says that quality components are critical when it comes to the maintenance and repair of modern diesel engines, given the rapid pace of technological development, combined with the increasing demand for improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions in order to comply with local and international regulations.

“Heavy-duty oil-filter protection plays a vital role in protecting engines by reducing friction, cooling engine components, and ensuring proper sealing,” Vos notes.

Filvent Johannesburg CEO Mark Bean notes that the aftermarket support and service that Cummins Filtration provides is a large part of its success in the demanding and arduous mining industry.

“Through our Fleetguard brand of filtration, coolant and chemical products, we cover the widest scope of engine applications in the market, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where productivity and efficiency are key owing to a lack of technical and maintenance expertise,” says Cummins Filtration original equipment (OE) account manager Darrel Moodley.

The full Fleetguard range of filtration products includes complete solutions for fuel, lubrication, air intake filtration, coolants, crankcase ventilation and hydraulic systems.

Moodley explains that Cummins Filtration is able to extend its footprint throughout South Africa, owing to key distributors like Filvent, with whom it has established a mutually beneficial relationship.

“In this regard, our stockholding of critical spares is absolutely vital, as Filvent has to be able to respond to any customer emergency on a 24/7 basis, as any incident where downtime is incurred impacts on that mining operation’s bottom line. Cummins Filtration has always supplied Filvent in a timely fashion, which is why it continues to be such an important relationship for the company,” explains Vos.

Moodley adds that Cummins Filtration’s involvement with the mining industry has extended to running service-interval trials on major equipment at various mines, in addition to developing customised solutions for particular requirements and conditions.

“In this way, Cummins ensures that its key distributors like Filvent are always assured of having access to the latest technology and developments.”

He adds that the Cummins Filtration warranty has offered dependability beyond the sale. “Our global warranty consistently exceeds customers’ expectations for inclusive coverage throughout the recommended life of every Cummins Filtration and Fleetguard product,” Moodley asserts.

“It is our solid promise to stand fully behind the products you buy, because every product we design, engineer, and manufacture is produced using the highest quality standards in the industry. Fleetguard products ensure equipment performance and protection that meets, or exceeds, OE specifications. Customers can rest assured that their filtration system is covered by the Cummins Filtration non-prorated warranty,” he concludes.