Distribution and service agreements secured

8th November 2013

Bearings manufacturer Bearing Man Group (BMG) has secured, over a period of 40 years, distribution and service agreements with several bearings manufacturers, reports GM Rouff Essop.

Included in these agreements are bearings manufacturer Timken, which provides all bearing types, including standard antifriction bearing configurations and advanced products such as housed units, integrated bearing assemblies, precision assemblies and aerospace bearings.

Essop explains that the Timken Blue Brute spherical roller bearing solid block housed units are manufactured using cast steel housings that have three times the tensile strength of cast iron housings. This is an important advantage in harsh applications such as those at metal mills, mines, aggregate and cement manufacturing facilities, where there are heavy loads and excessive vibra-tion. The robustness of these spherical roller housed units means that the bearing can be replaced in the same housing many times, which equates to substantial cost savings.

He adds that this series is designed to run efficiently on misaligned shafts of up to 1.5°.

There are three standard sealing options available in the Timken Blue Brute range: Teflon labyrinth seals, triple-lip nitrile rubber seals and triple-lip urethane seals.

Teflon seals, which are resistant to abrasives and most chemicals, are designed for high-speed, high-temperature applications and are particularly suitable for dirty and wet conditions. The Teflon seal consists of a Teflon ring that floats between two steel plates to ensure highly efficient sealing.

He notes that the material is impervious to most chemicals, adding that, owing to its low friction coefficient, these units have a high-speed capability.

Triple-lip nitrile rubber units have a standard sealing arrange- ment that offers increased protection in most conditions, including those where moisture and dirt are prevalent. The seal has a light to medium contact pressure that enables excess grease to purge under the lips, preventing the housing from becoming overpacked with grease, says Essop.

Overpacking is a common problem, which results in a bearing running hot.

External urethane seal covers, with triple-lip nitrile contact seals, can be snapped onto locat- ing holes on the face of the housings for extra protection. The cavity between the cover and the housing can be filled with grease to act as a further seal, if necessary.

Essop explains that, in the steel manufacturing, mining, pulp and paper, aggregates, cement and forestry industries, particulates are a challenge; hence, the steel auxiliary covers, which are treated with black oxide for corrosion resistance and added protection against contamination.

The steel backing plate of the seal is completely covered in rubber to improve corrosion resistance.

Open and closed end option covers are available, with various configurations for specific applications. These cover cavities can be filled with grease, or an extra barrier of protection, if neces- sary. For easy maintenance, these covers are easily removable for on-site inspection and replacement.

The Timken Type E tapered roller bearing housed unit – with a cast iron, solid block, one-piece design – has enhanced bearing geometries, which delivers the highest dynamic load rating in the industry, says Essop.

This series, with a standard double-lip seal for improved lip contact that prevents contamination, has been electrocoated for additional corrosion protection and extended service life.

The housed units accommodate shaft sizes from 35 mm to 125 mm and are suitable for use in process equipment and bulk materials handling, where there is heavy contamination and high axial loads.

SNT metric plummer blocks, with double-lip, labyrinth, V-ring and taconite sealing options, are designed to protect Timken spherical roller bearings by preventing the leakage of lubricant and avoiding contamination. These plummer blocks ensure the best performance, lower operating temperatures and the extended service life of bearings.

The cast iron split block housings, with precision-fit matched cap-and-base and dowel pins, provide dependable support and simplify alignment and installation of heavy housings. Pry-tool slots enable easy cap removal, speed bearing inspection and replacement, and a tapered adap- ter or straight bore mounting secures each bearing onto the shaft.

Locating rings provide the flexibility to fix or float the roller bearings in the housing. Optional end caps, which are easy to install and remove, prevent damage to the bearing and housing. Standard metric mounting dimensions, which conform to ISO 113:1999 specifications, meet industry standards for bolt holes, centre heights and shaft diameters.

Optional assemblies and various components suited for specific tasks mean a single housing can be used with multiple bearings in fixed or float positions, with open or closed end caps.