Digital building infrastructure company adds new technology to its flooring cable systems

12th April 2013

Global electrical and digital building infrastructure specialist Legrand has designed a flexible low-level Soluflex cable floor system for use in the work environment, which is a new addition to its cable management system.

Legrand’s cable management systems for flooring consist of Soluflex, traditional raised access flooring and ducting, digital light processing (DLP) and over-floor trunking, surface or flush mounting floor units as well as distribution columns power and lighting mechanisms. Legrand’s flooring components also include a comprehensive range of specially designed accessories, including cable markers and terminal blocks.

“Soluflex is a highly efficient floor, cabling and connection technology system and is well suited for renovations in old premises that require additional electrical infrastructure and also meets the needs of new low-voltage equipment and data network installations in modern buildings,” says Legrand Southern Africa GM Luk Ivens.

“Legrand’s cable management systems, which have been designed for flexibility and efficiency, as well as easy instal- lation, aesthetic appeal and increased safety, provide a complete solution to all electrical requirements, whether it is an original installation, extension or reconfiguration,” he adds.

Ivens highlights that in modern technology, needs are diverse, time is critical and demands for efficiency, flexibility and safety are substantial. It is, therefore, important when selecting cable accessories and power and lighting systems to consider factors like safety, easy installation, versatility and performance as top priorities.

The advantages of this 100% recyclable green-building design system over conventional traditional raised access floors include easy cable laying and easy accessibility to cables, use of the whole floor surface – each Soluflex pathway is a containment system – and there is no need for a trunking system. This provides companies with substantial cost savings.

“The weight of this system is 20 kg/m², where a traditional access floor system is between 30 kg/m² and 40 kg/m². The 3 000 kg/m² load capacity of Soluflex is more than six times the capacity of the average traditional system used in an office environment, which is about 350 kg/m² to 450 kg/m²,” Ivens points out.

The installation principle is simple – sockets are snapped directly into the trunking, while the Arteor mechanism is snapped on and fixed with Soluclips. The covers are then installed and the finishing piece is disengaged and rotated by 180°. To complete the installation, a finishing piece is snapped on. Knock out slots ensure easy mounting and no supports or mounting plates are required.

Snap-on partition covers are removable for effortless installation of extra sockets and changes can easily be made to plug configurations, without damaging paint or wallpaper. A removable protection film prevents damage to the body and covers during construction.

Planning during the design phase of the installation can be done with no limitations of work places, partition walls and office layouts. The flexibility of this system means that changes and adjustments can be made at a late stage of the installation and modifications can be undertaken at any time afterwards, with no impact on the building structure.

Legrand has also extended its range of adaptable DLP grey and white trunking with the launch of newly designed snap-on black and white flexible trunking for modern installations. Typical applications include hotels, offices, shopping centres, theatres and luxury homes.

The black series is produced using black polyvinyl chloride (PVC) granules for enhanced colour retention and improved resistance to wear over an extended period. This direct clipping trunking is available with flexible covers that maintain original shape and mechanical properties, also resisting the effects of ultraviolet light.

DLP trunking facilitates circuit separation and identification, easy cable traffic, facilities for layout extension and modifications, maximum safety and speed of installation in commercial, industrial, healthcare and residential applications. Sockets for DLP snap-on trunking have been specially designed to meet the new requirements for electrical trunking systems for installation on walls or on the ceiling.

This PVC direct-clipping assembly enables quick connections for normal and dedicated power, low-voltage applications, telephone systems, computers and dedicated sockets. An important benefit is that all power and data is distributed in one system. “Another key feature for local installations is the combination of Legrand’s Arteor switches and sockets with this versatile trunking system, which has been adapted especially for the South African market,” Ivens says.

This direct-clipping assembly facility requires no screws – the specially designed Soluclip mounting accessory ensures reliable, tamper-free fixing. Knock-outs in the partitions have been designed to feed cable effortlessly, as required, in between compartments.

Legrand’s cable management system also includes distribution columns for the distribution of power vertically between the floor and ceiling. These DLP columns and half columns consist of an aluminium body and a telescopic pole with height adjustment for efficient installation. The system also includes two fixing bases with protective end caps and white PVC covers.

This range is available in two compartments for wall mounting and four compartments that are free-standing, with lengths of 0.7 m, 2.7 m and 3.9 m. A six-module mounting frame is used for all poles.

Legrand’s over-floor trunking creates a link between trunking, columns and floor units and provides maximum protection of power and data cables in passageways, between workstations and on columns.

Upcoming Developments
Legrand’s local operation will soon launch a new range of pop boxes that can be fitted into concrete flooring, raised flooring and even on desktops. These modern units will be available in five colour finishes – brushed brass, matt aluminium, brushed stainless steel, matt black and glossy white.

Legrand has also gained credibility in South Africa for its modular electrical accessories, emphasising cost efficiency, flexibility, safety and enhanced aesthetics, adds Ivens.

“All Legrand products conform with stringent international quality and safety specifications. The range features innovative designs to meet exact user demands, also allowing for simple and efficient installation,” he states.