Dewatering solutions suited for versatile applications

9th October 2020

Dewatering solutions suited for versatile applications

DEWATERING SOLUTIONS WEDA D drainage pumps are designed to pump water containing abrasive solids of 4 mm to 12 mm diameter

Industrial equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco’s WEDA electric submersible pump series offers dewatering solutions for the construction, industrial, agriculture, emergency and maintenance sectors, featuring unrivalled performance, efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

“The popularity of these rugged and compact pumps amongst our customers encouraged Atlas Copco to extend the WEDA portfolio and to introduce a number of feature enhancements,” says Atlas Copco Power Technique portable products business line manager David Stanford.

In addition to the introduction of a slurry pump – the WEDA L series – the engineering group also expanded the WEDA D drainage pump and WEDA S sludge pump ranges, he adds. The WEDA series, he explains, boasts flow rates of up to 16 500 ℓ a minute, with power ratings up to 54 kW and can manage water with specific gravity up to 1 700 kg/m3.

Additionally, WEDA D drainage pumps are designed to pump water containing abrasive solids of 4 mm to 12 mm diameter. Featuring a top-discharge function, these drainage pumps are capable of handling water with specific gravity to 1 100 kg/m3. For optimum flexibility, discharges can be mounted vertically or sideways as required.

WEDA D pumps are ideal for an extensive range of applications such as ground and raw water removal, excavation and openpit dewatering as well as stormwater and flood control.

Highly suited to tough conditions, Stanford highlights that the WEDA S range is capable of pumping sludge, light slurry and muddy water containing abrasive and larger solids of 25 mm to 50 mm diameter. These pumps can handle the dewatering of liquid sludge, thick, soft, wet mud or other similar viscous mixtures of liquids and solids typically resulting from an industrial or refining process.

“With a bottom side discharging capability for the handling of water with specific gravity to 1 400 kg/m3 , WEDA S pumps are ideal for tank clean-out, agricultural product wash-down pits and trench and pond cleaning.”

The WEDA L slurry pumps are designed for the dewatering of abrasive media with a high solid content typically found in quarrying, mining or dredging applications.

These pumps efficiently manage semi-liquid slurry mixtures usually made of fine particles of manure, cement or coal, and water. The large apertures of the rugged WEDA L series facilitate the handling of slurry containing solids of 20 mm to 60 mm diameter, while the high-efficiency high-chrome agitator facilitates the lifting of settled solids. Additionally, using a bottom side discharge, WEDA L pumps manage water of specific gravity up to 1 700 kg/m3.                                                                                                                        

All pumps in the drainage (WEDA D) and slurry (WEDA S) ranges are available with WEDA+ features which include phase failure protection, rotation control, thermal switches and a 20 m cable with phase shifter plug for all three phase pumps. The WEDA+ features are also available as an option on the L range.

“Atlas Copco has focused on not only optimising the performance of the WEDA series but also on making the pumps lighter, increasing their electrical safety, improving the seal design and simplifying installation and maintenance,” notes Stanford.

Further, the more compact design, coupled with a 20% lower weight compared to similar products, simplifies handling and transportation, making these pumps particularly suited for the rental market.

He points out that the pumps’ light weight is owing to the use of a unique aluminium alloy, which also offers strength and corrosion resistance for seamless and reliable operation in harsh environments across all applications.

These robust pumps feature rugged components, class F motors and class H electric motor insulation. The starter and motor protection system are built in, and a double silicon carbide mechanical seal prevents the ingress of contaminants.

“The pumps include adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusors, hardened high-chrome (55HRC) impellers and heavy-duty bearings that can withstand shocks and overloads, further enhancing pump durability,” he explains.

Moreover, maintenance on these pumps is quick and hassle-free, keeping uptime to the max. External oil inspection and grease-filling plugs are easy to access, and all pumps conveniently contain seal types appropriate to their size, says Stanford.

Atlas Copco supports WEDA pump customers across Southern Africa through readily available products, parts and spares backed by exceptional service delivery from its team of skilled service technicians and strategic dealer network.