Defy to start producing solar-powered fridges, freezers from January

2nd October 2023 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Deputy Editor Online

Defy to start producing solar-powered fridges, freezers from January

Defy fridges
Photo by: Creamer Media's Donna Slater

Home appliance producer Defy Appliances will start producing fridges and freezers capable of operating solely on solar energy.

During a visit last week to the Defy manufacturing plant where these appliances will be produced, in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, Trade, Industry and Competition Minister Ebrahim Patel said the production of solar-operated appliances marked a major step in promoting environment-friendly alternatives in the appliance industry.

Defy Appliances CEO Mustafa Soylu said this pioneering initiative positioned South Africa as a leader in the fight against climate change, with these products anticipated to be available to retailers by January 2024.

“Climate change necessitates a comprehensive transformation of the technologies utilized both at home and within the industry. South Africa is actively ensuring the production of future technologies and meeting the demand for lower-emission consumer products,” Patel added.

The new units, designed to operate exclusively on solar energy, will be equipped with an attached battery system, while remaining affordable to enable a broad consumer base to transition to green appliances.

Defy, as South Africa’s largest producer of home appliances, manufactures about 1.5-million appliances, including fridges, freezers, stoves, ovens, dryers and top-loader washing machines, locally every year. The group also exports products to 35 other African countries.