Air traffic service provider deploys new data-management solution

11th June 2010 By: Jacqueline Holman

Commercial provider of air traffic, naviga- tion and associated services Air Traffic & Navi- gation Services (ATNS) has implemented a new data management solution to organise, protect and improve access to information.

The solution, known as CommVault, has been supplied by converged network provider KSS Technologies to service ATNS’s 20 aerodromes across the country.

ATNS senior manager for information technology Achmed Wadee says the company required a centralised management system with modules that share a common set of back-end services and advanced capabilities.

Aiming to move to a tapeless environment, ATNS has already started experiencing a reduction in off-site tapes and tape drives, as the solu- tion reduces up to 90% of backup and archive data on disk and tape. It has also reduced backup administration time considerably.

“The holistic approach to data management eliminates the inherent inefficiencies, complications and expen- ses associated with operating across multiple silos. From the beginning, CommVault designed its soft- ware from the ground up to share a single platform. The resulting technology streamlines the aggregation of enterprisewide data for unprece- dented data management functionality and effi- ciency, making it much easier to access the infor- mation you’re looking for,” Wadee concludes.