Curfew to move to 22:00 to accommodate restaurants

30th July 2020 By: Yvonne Silaule - Contributor

Tourism Minister Mamaloko Kubayi-Ngubane has announced that the national curfew will move to 22:00 to assist the restaurant industry.

“In our recent discussions with the restaurant sector, two issues were raised with regard to current regulations. One was the crippling effect of the 21:00 curfew to restaurant business operations and the second was the issue of alcohol sale.

"We have agreed to move the curfew to start at 22:00 to allow for uninterrupted dinner service at restaurants. We believe this change will go a long way towards increasing their revenue generation," she said..

The ban on alcohol sales, however, remains in place.

Meanwhile, Kubayi-Ngubane also announced the easing of restrictions around leisure travel.

“Currently, individuals are not allowed to leave their homes for leisure purposes.

"After the release of the new regulations, individuals will be permitted to leave their homes for leisure purposes within the province where they currently live. Let me emphasise, it is only intra-provincial travel not inter-provincial travel. Individuals are still not permitted to travel between provinces for leisure purposes."

She said that such change would have implications for accommodation facilities that are permitted to operate under level 3. 

“Accommodation establishments are now permitted to operate for leisure intra-provincially," she said.

Tour operators will also be allowed to conduct guided tours in open safari vehicles subject to certain requirements.

The Minister said such changes would come into effect as soon as the new regulations were gazetted.