Correct sealing products imperative

5th August 2016

Correct sealing products imperative

INDUSTRIAL STATIC SEALING PRODUCTS BMG’s range of sealing products is designed for reliability, chemical and corrosion resistance, extended service life and easy installation

The selection of the correct industrial sealing product in modern engineering is a critical consideration, both in the design of new equipment and in the choice of products to replace those that are no longer suitable, says industrial static sealing products manufacturer and supplier BMG gaskets manager Steven Hodgkinson.

“A gasket has one prime function – to create a positive seal between two relatively stationary parts. The gasket must perform a number of tasks well to function effectively, such as creating an initial seal and maintaining the seal over a desired length of time, and must also be able to be easily removed and replaced.”

He notes that the success of a sealing installation is dependent on how efficiently the gasket seals the system media and its chemical and corrosion resistance to this media. He adds that it is critical that the gasket does not contaminate the system media and that the gasket must deform sufficiently to flow into the imperfections on the gasket seating surfaces, providing an intimate contact between the gasket and the seating surfaces.

He further points out that the gasket needs to withstand elevated system temperatures and have sufficient strength and creep resistance to cope efficiently with the applied load.

“BMG has thus invested in machinery – including electrical products supplier Atom computer numerically controlled knife cutting machines, with high precision cutting technology – to ensure the highest manufacturing standards of its extensive range of sealing products. With stringent quality controls and conformance to global specifications and uniformity standards, these products provide unvarying performance, even in the most demanding environments.”

BMG manufactures and supplies an extensive range of industrial static sealing products, designed for reliability, chemical and corrosion resistance, extended service life and easy installation. BMG’s robust gaskets are designed for use in diverse industries, including chemical processing and petrochemicals, mining, refineries, power generation, pulp and paper, micro electronics, general engineering and transportation.

“Identifying the correct gasket for a specific sealing application involves consideration of variables present in a flanged connection. “Traditionally, these factors include size, temperature, application, media and pressure. Variables, like the flange metallurgy, bolt thread embedment, flange rotation, bolt stretch, additives to the media and the flange surface finish, also now determine how well a gasket performs,” concludes Hodgkinson.

Sealing Products
BMG also stocks a diverse range of sealing products to suit most sealing applications for the automotive, agriculture, mining, earthmoving, petrochemicals, pulp and paper and general industrial markets.

These sealing products include rotary shaft, torric, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, as well as allied products like O rings, waved washers, circlips, mechanical seals, gland packing and adhesives. Recent additions to the range are Mekrolek rotary couplings and the Spanjaard range of lubricants and allied chemical products.

“BMG’s commitment to providing high-quality sealing products is evident in the extreme care taken in brand selection in terms of standardisation, reliability, flexibility and consistent quality controls. The company has secured exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements with leading global seals manufacturers, which means high-quality branded components are readily available,” says BMG business unit manager Marc Gravett.

BMG has also invested in two Seal Maker SML 500e machines, each of which can produce hydraulic and pneumatic seals, O-rings, and backup and oil seals to exact specifications, in quantities as small as a single unit, in a few minutes. The company is thus able to supply custom-designed sealing products, fabricated to exact specifications. This service also includes a full refurbishment facility for most brands of couplings. Every unit is inspected and pressure-tested for optimum performance, according to stringent quality standards.