Accessories supplied for diverse industries

24th January 2020

Accessories supplied for  diverse industries

QUICK FIX These pipe stoppers are effective tools for quickly and reliably sealing or closing off pipelines during repair and maintenance work

Pumping equipment supplier Werner Pumps is now able to supply an extensive range of accessories for the wastewater treatment, construction and engineering industries as the sole agent for German tool supplier HAAS Abwassertechnik in South Africa.

These include pipe stoppers, testing sets for house connections, rehabilitation packers, lifting bags, leak sealing bags, sealing wedges, leak-sealing bandages and rubber-moulded parts.

HAAS is recognised as a leading producer of sewer testing technology, which it supplies globally.

“We have partnered with HAAS to offer our customers a one-stop shop for all their jetting equipment, including any accessories they may require,” says Werner Pumps MD Sebastian Werner.

The pipe stoppers are effective tools for quickly and reliably sealing or closing off drainage systems, pipelines, sewers and gullies during repair and maintenance work.

The pipe stoppers are made of top-quality rubber reinforced with fabric and are designed to withstand a temperature range of –30 ºC to 80 ºC. The range of sizes caters from pipe diameters of 40 mm to 1 600 mm and can withstand back pressure of 0.5 bar or 1 bar.

Test pipe stoppers can be used to seal and plug pipes while diverting flow in the case of pipe inspection, cleaning or repair. They are effective for performing air or water leak tests. Werner Pumps also supplies protective sleeves for the pipe stoppers, which protect them against damage and make handling easier.

Other HAAS products available include short pipe stoppers, bypass pipe stoppers, high-pressure pipe stoppers, egg-shaped pipe stoppers, pillow pipe stoppers, test stoppers for gullies, skittle pipe stoppers, cone pipe stoppers and half-round pipe stoppers.

Specialist options include stoppers with eyes on both sides, multitest stoppers and oil-resistant stoppers. Werner Pumps also supplies the full range of accessories, from hoses to gauges, pressure reducers, cylinders, adapters, couplings, stopcocks, manometers, pumps and test sets.

“We even supply the lifting bags, which can be used instead of vehicle jacks, as well as to lift and remove heavy loads. They are very useful for assembling, maintaining and repairing water supply lines and water mains,” says Werner.

“There are five different models available, with a lifting force of between 3 t and 30 t.”

He comments that the HAAS agency is another facility Werner Pumps engages to improve its customer offering.

“We really spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our customers’ businesses work better for them, and how to address their specific needs,” he says. “We want to build long-term partnerships with clients and hope they see the value we offer,” he concludes.