Company launches management solution

6th September 2019

Petroleum products and solutions provider Masana Petroleum Solutions has extended its long-standing strategic partnership with oil industry company BP Southern Africa (BPSA) – which jointly runs the Sapref refinery located in KwaZulu-Natal – to deliver an innovative fleet management solution, BP FleetMove.

This solution is designed to improve operational and cost efficiency as well as productivity using technology.

The sheer number of boxes that must be ticked by fleet managers makes the logistics process challenging, time-consuming and fraught with risks and the larger the fleet, the greater the stress on managers.

Launched in February, BP FleetMove is designed to improve the overall fleet refuelling journey while providing real-time controls and analytics to reduce operational complexity.

Masana MD Morena Sithole highlights the value of knowing the precise status of a fleet and its operators at all times, saying: “BP FleetMove offers business owners and fleet managers the peace of mind of an expertly managed fleet by giving them full control every kilometre of the road.

“This technology offers a completely cashless solution to fuel fraud by ensuring that all transactions are preauthorised using an online platform and provides real-time control of vehicle management through Web portals and mobile applications. This not only reduces operating costs substantially but offers new generation fleet management in a simple, cost-effective online format.”

With three versions providing best-fit solutions to different fleet requirements, Masana says the BP FleetMove Card, BP FleetMove Plus, and BP FleetMove Premium (which is modelled on the Internet of Things) enhances an organisation’s command over everything, from automated payment to driver management and even collision detection.

Fleet managers are able to perform route monitoring on any vehicle through the telematics portal in real time, through which they can track location, speed, angle, engine on/off and fuel level.

A major benefit of the company’s flagship offer, BP FleetMove Premium, is the Fuel In Tank security feature, where each vehicle is fitted with a fuel level sensing device that allows fleet managers to compare actual fuel tank variances against the fuel volume dispensed at service stations in real time. Should any threshold variance be breached, an SMS or email alert is sent immediately.

“Driver behaviour can also be monitored through geofencing control, meaning that fleet managers receive an email or SMS alert when a vehicle enters or leaves the geographic fence set up for a specific journey,” he adds.

Depending on the customer’s choice of BP FleetMove offer, fleet managers can access all transactions in real time through the Fleet Management Web Portal and make vital operational decisions on the fly, Sithole points out. He notes that a simple tamper-proof windscreen tag and global positioning system technology makes individual vehicle monitoring and analysis of each vehicle’s entire trip, which increases stakeholder trust.