Company launches container-fitted solar power solution

21st January 2016 By: Natalie Greve - Creamer Media Contributing Editor Online

Off-grid solar systems provider ePower Holdings has announced the launch of a solar-powered energy solution aimed at the rural market that produces 18 000 W of power from 72 solar panels installed on an unused storage container.

The first 40 ft container was now fully operational in Mooiplaas, Centurion and would provide an integrated renewable-energy system designed to lessen the energy burdens in low-income areas.

The ePower containers would, the company states, allow these communities to charge their phones, watch television from their home and provide a social space to mingle with each other around the container.

“This idea benefits communities in the developing world that do not have reliable access to electricity . . .  it is important to note that one-quarter of the world's population is still without electricity and we are hopeful that this system will assist in this power crisis.

“These stations provide an alternative that will lessen the pressure on the power grid and will help better the lives of those in rural areas that struggle with access to power solutions," commented ePower cofounder Rudi van der Westhuizen.