Company invests in quality control equipment and software

31st August 2018

Plastic fabrication company Vesconite Bearings is ensuring that machined components are produced to specification for their clients through quality control equipment and software.

The new equipment includes electric Vernier callipers, micrometres and height gauges that measure the length, outside diameter and wall thickness of bushings and machined components.

Vesconite Bearings chairperson Jean-Patrick Leger wants to produce machined equipment to specification for clients that can be read off by a skilled quality control expert on a global scale. This expert ensures long life and low maintenance, with electronic measurements that are regarded as more accurate and consistent, in terms of quality control.

Quality controllers can combine temperature measurement with metrology (the science of measurement), through electronic measurements, which will differ in different weather conditions globally.

The quality control equipment and software will assist clients in identifying necessary adjustments to be made to their products before any material is wasted. The software can change according to temperature. Measurements can be carried out in the shop and operations that are tending to go out of specification can be quickly identified. Operational problems can be rectified and adjusted, by means of the quality control and software, which results in Vesconite’s versatility.

“Being versatile is a big advantage for Vesconite, as it ensures that machines run optimally. Electronic measurements are regarded as more accurate and an important way in which the consistency of machined parts can be ensured,” notes Leger.

For Vesconite, it is important to provide traceable, error-free measurement records. This is made possible by following the strict quality control procedures and consistency of machined parts.