Electronic certificates offering expanded

13th September 2019 By: Khutso Maphatsoe - journalist

Testing, verification and certification multinational company Bureau Veritas has introduced electronic inspection certificates to its transport and logistics division, following the introduction of such certificates to the aerospace industry.

In South Africa, Bureau Veritas uses the electronic certificates when exporting products to countries such as Zimbabwe.

Bureau Veritas Southern Africa marketing head Cedric Serre explains that, in Africa, the export electronic certificate is used in Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Ghana and Nigeria.

“The success of electronic certificates lies in time management. Using digital means, such as electronic certificates, ensure that the inspection report is almost instantly accessible for review on a cloud database. There is no delay in transferring the information and the certificate can be delivered anywhere using email,” says Serre.

He adds that using the Bureau Veritas electronic certificates platform reduces administrative time and costs, enabling the clients to keep their certificates in one accessible online location.

“Electronic certificates provide the added benefit of being more secure than paper certificates, which eliminates the risk of misplaced documentation or late delivery,” Serre mentions.

In its transport and logistics division, Bureau Veritas provides inspection services for products such as dry containers, refrigerated containers and International Organisation of Standardisation tanks.

Serre explains that all electronic certificates are internationally recognised. The certificates are product-based and are used for a shipment, product or certification, depending on the service. They can also be renewed when necessary.