Company ensures safety and quality in its offering

5th October 2018 By: Zandile Mavuso - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor: Features

Investment into quality work apparel could lead to higher productivity and can prove to be beneficial to companies as it lasts longer and provides more protection for the workforce, says work apparel manufacturer and supplier Sweet Orr.

Sweet Orr places continued emphasis on innovation, research and design to ensure that its garments meet the highest quality standards.

By so doing, Sweet Orr executive director Denver Berman-Jacob adds that companies generally buy two work apparel garments for each employee a year. “This means that employees are adequately protected from the prevailing conditions and companies can control and effectively manage their investment into protective apparel. “The issue with buying cheaper garments is that you get what you pay for. Inferior quality means higher replacement cost and a higher investment.”

Berman-Jacob further explains that, Sweet Orr constructs its garments in such a way that it ensures the longevity of the garment. This includes, triple-stitched lapped seams, fully hemmed pockets, bar- tacked stress point and a minimum of 12 stitches a centimeter around reinforced buttonholes. Emphasis is placed on the fit, as an ill-fitting garment defeats the purpose of wearing protective wear.

“One of the many great things we’re seeing across the protective wear industry and in companies is a new focus on personal protective equipment for women. “More often than not, women have to ‘make do’ with whatever clothing their employer has on hand and most of the time these garments are made for men, which results in a bad fit.”

Keeping It Local

Moreover, Berman-Jacob mentions that the company ensures that it maintains quality through its use of high-quality raw material, which is largely procured locally.

At its Cape Town factory, Sweet Orr employs 300 people and its facility is highly automated, which he notes also contributes to quality in garment manufacturing.

Sweet Orr manufactures and designs three ranges namely: utility casual; essential workwear and specialised workwear. Under its specialised workwear range, the company manufactures and desires its acid repellent, flame retardant and flame acid garment as well as the arc-flash garment specially developed for low, medium and high-risk environments.

The brand is well recognised for its high quality and innovative workwear and currently serves companies across a number of industries, including the petrochemicals, mining and processing industries, including clients such as oil and gas company BP, cement manufacturer and supplier PPC, beverage company SAB, and mining company Samancor.