Company celebrates one year

5th November 2021 By: Nadine Ramdass - Creamer Media Reporter

Company celebrates  one year

RUBBER LINING FACILITY With up to 10m in length capacity autoclave

Specialists in the design and slurry-related valves manufacturer Abrasive Flow Solutions (AFS) is celebrating its first year of business.

“AFS was established by the Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) of investment holding and management company Invicta Holdings, as part of the group’s strategy to strengthen its position in the valves sector. The team works closely with sister company, engineering solutions provider BMG, to extend its services in Africa, through the design, distribution, supply and support of a broad range of slurry-related valves that complies with stringent quality and safety standards,” explains AFS GM Donald Morrison.

In spite of challenging economic conditions, exacerbated by the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing strike action, we are satisfied with the progress of the expansion into new products and market segments.

Highlights over the last year include the establishment of a new rubber lining facility, with the installation of autoclaves that have capacities of up to 10 m in length. In the rubber industry, autoclaves are used to vulcanise rubber products, which are not yet stable dimensionally, by elevating heat and pressure. An autoclave is like a huge oven, with an extremely high temperature and pressure, that makes rubber parts stable and solid in size and shape.

Another milestone for the AFS team – which collectively boasts more than 75 years’ experience in rubber products – is a new pinch valve sleeve manufacturing facility within its new rubber lining and sleeve manufacturing facility.

AFS has also enhanced the design and production of its slurry knife gate valve range, with dimensions ranging in diameter from a 50 mm unit to 1.5 m valves. The range includes flanged, wafer, lugged, urethane lined and high-pressure knife gate valves.

Notable installations have been for mining slurry, tailings dams and acid pumping applications, which rely on plant availability and the safe operation of valves.

“Exciting news for AFS is that ESG has recently achieved recognition as a Level 2 contributor to broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE), which means our customers can claim BEE procurement recognition of 125% against all purchases,” Morrison points out.

The AFS manufacturing plant in Benoni is equipped with the latest equipment and is supported by specialists who offer technical support to ensure optimum safety, efficiency and extended service life of every system, including those used in corrosive environments and arduous conditions.

Through BMG’s broad branch and distributor network, industry now has easy access to a comprehensive portfolio of locally manufactured and imported valves. This range includes AFS Klep diaphragm valves and wedge gate valves, AFS FPV non-return valves, pinch valves and knife gate valves.

This range is particularly well-suited for use in harsh conditions in diverse industries, including mining, chemicals and petrochemicals, water and wastewater, energy production and agrifood industries.

“Our highly-skilled teams have a thorough understanding of the processes involved in installing valves and are able to specify the correct valves required for every application. We also assist customers in solving the problems of difficult installations and applications,” says BMG fluid technology low pressure business unit manager Willie Lamprecht.

Lamprecht adds that, to ensure optimum safety, efficiency and the extended service life of each system, the selection of the correct industrial slurry valve is critical. Valve selection is based on various factors, including the size and shape of particles, pressure, temperature and chemical content.

BMG also distributes a locally manufactured range of abrasion-resistant valves for slurry valves manufacturer Dual Products International. These products include pinch valves, new water air release valves, resilient seated gate valves and dual rotary disc sleeve valves.

Recently-launched dual rotary disc sleeve valves comprise an advanced rotating gate valve with sleeve design, developed specifically for heavy abrasive and corrosive slurries and water and wastewater installations. This patented design allows the valve to cycle through heavy slurries without sticking. Wafer, flanged and high pressure variants are available.

The full range of AFS valves is distributed throughout Southern Africa through BMG’s broad branch and distributor network.