Local company becomes authorised Saunders distributor

6th March 2020 By: Darren Parker - Creamer Media Contributing Editor Online

Local company  becomes authorised Saunders distributor

“A” VALVE The Saunders A series weir-type valve design is now available through Bearings International and Ernest Lowe

Transmission products distributor Bearings International (BI), in conjunction with sister hydraulic and pneumatic engineering company Ernest Lowe, have become authorised distributors for the Saunders valves range.

The distribution arrangement came into effect in 2019.

The Saunders full bore diaphragm valves were developed to satisfy market demand for a valve capable of handling slurries and sludges, besides others, while providing reliable flow performance and 100% leakage closure.

“Valves play a pivotal role in process management and are specifically designed to meet exacting standards, whether for open, shut or modulating control, and can be operated by manual means or through automation,” says BI valves business development leader Brian Hardie.

He adds that correct selection will ensure longevity and alleviate downtime, thereby avoiding the associated costs of loss of production and/or equipment.

The two distinctive variations of the Saunders valves range are the KB series, which are straight through full bore valves, and the A series, which is a weir-type design. Both series include linings and diaphragms to suit all types of abrasive and corrosive media.

The valve sizes range from 8 mm to 350 mm, and reach up to 16 bar line pressure. However, this depends on type, size and temperature.

The Saunders valves range is designed to endure harsh operational conditions, Hardie claims. Moreover, the valves’ diaphragms can be replaced while the valve body remains in the pipeline.

Hardie adds that the KB valves designs originate from South Africa, but were developed by Saunders at the head office based in Cwmbran, Wales.

The body of the valve is cast and assembled in South Africa by valves manufacturer Dynamic Fluid Control and is manufactured under licence to Saunders, making this product fully compliant with the South African manufacture bylaws.

Further, the range of KB and A series valves complies with the local-content requirements by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition, which means that buying these products can assist mines in meeting their procurement targets in terms of Mining Charter III.