Company Announcement: Distilling Opportunities for KZN Industry

17th August 2012

A 38 metre distillation column, designed and manufactured by Durban-based Elgin Engineering, is nearing completion and is set to be delivered to Sasol in Secunda on 17 August. With a diameter of 2.3 metres, this 316L stainless steel column is critical to solvent processing and was manufactured to unique Sasol specifications.
  The specialised unit, which will enable the constant production of solvents at the Secunda plant, will be fully dressed with supplementary attachments installed by the Elgin Engineering team during the Sasol September shut down. “Elgin Engineering is well-known throughout Africa for providing superior quality engineering solutions, from design and planning through to on-site commissioning. The distillation column for Sasol is an excellent example of the group’s turnkey solutions in action and is helping to strengthen KwaZulu-Natal’s position as a source of world class engineering and technology,” said Business Manager, Roger Haripersad.

The project took a total of four months to complete, with a team of 20 involved across the various phases, as well as a wide range of suppliers from around the province. Delivery of the 38m structure to Secunda is one of the final challenges facing the Elgin team, but all involved are confident that it will be up and running by 19 September 2012 as scheduled. “This is one of the largest columns built in KZN to date, and demonstrates without question that our province has the skills and capacity to produce quality engineering products at a significant scale,” commented Operations Manager, Julius Naidoo. “The Elgin Engineering team’s goal is to bring more opportunities of this kind to Durban and KZN, and to continue to grow the skills and capacity of the entire supply chain.”