Company aims for positive impact on environment

16th June 2017 By: Simone Liedtke - Writer

Environmental management company I-CAT Environmental Solutions aims to deliver a product and service offering that impacts on the environment favourably, when compared with traditionally used products.

“The company consists of five divisions, each offering ‘unique’, environment-friendly and fit-for-purpose products and services,” says I-CAT marketing director Lourens Jansen van Rensburg.

He further mentions that the Environmental Services division provides a comprehensive range of services, including environmental licensing and permitting, environmental legal and performance auditing, environmental compliance monitoring, as well as integrated waste management monitoring, waste classification, sustainability and integrated reporting, and environmental training.

Dust Buster Excellence

“I-CAT has also been supplying dust-suppression solutions since 2008, which include investing extensive research and development in our products and solutions,” he enthuses.

The company prides itself on the green building product rating system, EcoSpecifier Global, certifying I-CAT products as environment friendly.

I-CAT products, therefore, exhibit one or more eco or health preferable characteristics, compared with other products in the same category; these products also do not contain any significant ecological or health- damaging risks, Jansen van Rensburg explains.

These products include RDC 20 used primarily for semi permanent haulage roads.

GreenGrip, he notes, is a dust palliative which can be used on both semi and permanent haulage roads or parking areas. GreenBit, meanwhile, is a duct palliative used for the construction and maintenance of permanent haulage roads that support a high load capacity for earthmoving machinery. Tailings Dam Seal is used for active and inactive tailings dam complexes’ dust suppression.

Dry Misting Systems, which is a dual medium low-pressure installation is used for dust suppression on crushing plants and conveyor belts that are high dust emitting operations. These systems use less water than the traditional single medium systems that use water only.

“Our dust products have no negative impact on the environment during their use in the development phase of roads and infrastructure. The main function of the products is to prohibit dust from spreading out to surrounding communities and possibly impacting on surrounding agriculture,” Jansen van Rensburg enthuses.

Dependable Dousing

Other divisions of I-CAT include I-CAT’s Fire Solutions division, which also offers clients several ‘innovative’ fire suppression systems, using only water and no chemical-based powders as an extinguishing medium capable of extinguishing all classes of fire.

This division’s product offering includes the I-Protect, an automatic fire detection and suppression system for high-risk electrical and data capturing equipment. The Roto-Fire-Pack, is a self-contained portable fire extinguishing system that uses water and foam mist. The division also offers vehicle and localised protection systems, as well as the Blaze Buster.