Company adds two new products to its portfolio

12th April 2019

Company adds two new products to its portfolio

EXHAUST GAS HEAT EXCHANGER The exchanger transfers heat produced by exhaust gases from combustion engines to a liquid

Heat exchangers solution provider Kelvion has developed solutions for how to recover waste heat with two new additions to its product portfolio – the exhaust gas heat exchanger and the EcoMi modular economiser.

These products can transform waste heat into useful forms of energy, reducing emissions and boosting efficiency. Kelvion’s recovered waste heat solutions offer a practical way to save energy, improve performance and combat global warming.

The company explains how the exhaust gas heat exchanger transfers heat produced by exhaust gases from combustion engines to a liquid. When heated up, this liquid can be used in cogeneration plants, combined heat and power plants, district heating systems, on board ships, biogas plants and furnaces. The exhaust gas heat exchanger, completing the Kelvion engine air and gas coolers product line, was put on the market in February this year.

“Its compact design makes it ideally suited to processes where space is limited,” says the company. Made from high-alloyed stainless steel, the exhaust gas heat exchanger can handle temperatures up to 550 ºC. Its sturdy design withstands a high continuous stress caused by vibration and pressure pulsation.

The company notes that the exhaust gas heat exchanger is equipped with a compact finned heat exchanger module, which is easily replaceable and therefore service-friendly. Compact fin tube bundles completely made out of stainless steel are insensitive to soiling and easy to clean with high pressure as well as cleaning agents.

The EcoMi takes the economiser solutions to the next level. An economiser is a type of heat exchanger that recovers residual heat from oil, gas or wood-fired boilers for reuse in other thermal operations.

“This new model combines the economiser’s proven economic advantages with a modular design, leading to even more savings and versatility. It can be used in the paper, food, textiles, power and heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries,” says the company.

“Multistage dry or wet systems using both carbon steel and stainless steel components are available to give the customer an optimal solution with lowest possible price.”

With its vertical, horizontal or horizontal to vertical installation, it can be easily integrated into existing plants. The EcoMi can handle a range of gas flow volumes and be fitted with different tube variants or sheet types to suit operating conditions, the company concludes.