Company adds hydraulic submersibles to rental fleet

22nd March 2019 By: Mc'Kyla Nortje - Journalist

Company adds hydraulic submersibles to rental fleet

LEE VINE MD of Integrated Pump rental standing next to a Quax hydraulic submersible pump

Last month, pump solutions specialist Integrated Pump Rental became the exclusive distributor of the UK Quax pumps range in Africa.

“These mobile, hydraulically driven submersible pumps are particularly suited to instances where power is not readily available,” explains Integrated Pump Rental MD Lee Vine.

This range will complement Integrated Pump Rental’s existing fleet and will fill the gap between its range of diesel-operated units and submersible pumps.

“By adding these units to our rental fleet, we provide customers with more options from which to choose,” adds Vine.

The Quax range of hydraulic submersible pumps comprises two-, three-, four- and six inch units, and the pumps are engineered with a run-dry capability which is extremely important in dewatering applications.

Vine says another primary advantage of these pumps is the versatility offered across a wide scope of applications, and the ease with which this system can be implemented. “The pumping system can be installed and operated by personnel without specialist qualifications – it is as simple as click the connectors and start pumping,” he adds.

Another important feature which enables reliable pumping even in challenging dewatering applications is that the hydraulic powerpack can be located up to 60 m away from the submersible pump. This allows customers to dewater effectively in areas which are difficult to reach with traditional options.

The pumps are equipped with hard wearing two bladed impellers capable of dealing with large particles. A screw impeller is available for pumping in thick sludges and a stainless steel impeller can be supplied for applications with a low pH.

Pumping specifications for the standard six-inch submersible include a maximum head of 22 m with a maximum flow of 96 ℓ/sec and a solids handling capability of 50 mm.

The four inch screw submersible offers a maximum head of 45 m, a maximum flow of 39 ℓ/sec and can handle solids up to 70 mm. All three units have an hydraulic working pressure of 1 705 bar and a maximum hydraulic pressure of 240 bar.

Pump accessories include the pump and pump hose flotation devices, as well as silent packs – where the engine of the powerpack is enclosed – which reduces noise during operation and is suitable for use in suburban areas where noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

Vine adds that the 35 hp powerpack is well matched to the submersible pump, as it is powerful yet compact, easy to use and service, and has an automatic shutdown feature should the installation be operating outside its set temperature parameters.

Meanwhile, Integrated Pump Rental has also noted an increase in demand for its Sykes diesel- driven dewatering pump.

“There is always demand for these diesel driven pumps, especially with the recent power shortages. The pumps are robustly constructed and offer users dependable, reliable operation,” says Vine.

The Sykes pumps range offers pumping capabilities of up to 1 130 ℓ/sec and maximum heads of up to 208 m. The pumps are powered by high-performance diesel engines.