Commissioning starts at Zambian lime plant

22nd September 2023

Commissioning starts  at Zambian lime plant

IN THE LIMELIGHT The lime plant crushing system at Limeco Resources in Zambia has been commissioned by Firering

Last month, strategic minerals developer Firering reported the successful commissioning of the crushing system to produce aggregates, and the finalisation of the design work for the modification and commissioning of the lime kilns, at the Zambian Lime plant owned by limestone processing company Limeco Resources.

Firering has an option to acquire up to 28.33% of Limeco, which is expected to be profitable and deliver cash flow within 12 to 24 months of starting operations.

The successful commissioning of the crushing system entailed a two-stage crushing circuit with an installed primary limestone throughput of 500 t/h.

However, the crushing system was adapted to produce aggregate to enhance cash flow during kiln renovations.

Firering notes that aggregate production during the coming months is expected to be ramped up, with first aggregate sales expected shortly.

To date, the plant has produced a stockpile of over 250 000 t of waste rock, which is available for the initial production of aggregate.

The aggregates are mainly used in the construction industry to support foundations, provide drainage and to produce concrete and asphalt.

Further, Firering also notes that the final design work to upgrade all eight kilns has been completed, and that the company’s technical team has assigned a local technical team for the upgrade design.

Commissioning of the eight kilns is expected to start gradually along with the first two kilns to be commissioned during the fourth quarter of this year.

Design work for the kiln commissioning is also complete and the eight kilns will be modified two at a time.

Firering estimates that the plant has a limestone stockpile of over 150 000 t available for the initial production of quicklime, while reopening the existing limestone quarry will bring to the fore an additional estimated resource of 73.7-million tonnes at an estimated 95.3% calcium carbonate.

Additionally, the company reports discussions for quicklime offtake by major copper producers are advancing.

"We are excited to announce the successful commissioning of the crushing system that has produced its first aggregate by crushing waste from the waste stockpile at Limeco,” says Firering CEO Yuval Cohen.

Limeco is now in the process of ramping up this aggregate production, which will enhance its cash flow during the kiln modifications and plant commissioning.

Once commissioned, limestone feed will come from the existing 150 000 t stockpile adjacent to the primary crusher.

Cohen explains Firering's decision to enter into the option agreement with Limeco Resources was led by the opportunity to provide Firering's shareholders with exposure to a project that can be brought into production relatively quickly and is capable of delivering cash flow in a relatively short space of time.