Columbus Stainless wins Gold and Bronze at the 2021 International Stainless Steel Forum Awards

8th June 2021

Columbus Stainless wins Gold and Bronze at the 2021 International Stainless Steel Forum Awards

School girl washing hands inside the Amalooloo toilet

Every year the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) awards members for good practices and novel ideas in the areas of Best Technology, Best Market Development, Safety and Sustainability. The organisation recently announced the winners of their 2021 annual awards in the different categories and half of its annual prizes were awarded to Acerinox Group projects. 

Columbus Stainless a member of the Spanish based Acerinox S.A Group of Companies this year received Gold award in the Best Technology category for the efficient sanitation system to combat the global sanitation crisis. Furthermore, the company obtained Bronze award in the Safety category for improved application of reinforcement lock off key systems. 

In this Gold category the jury was looking to recognise original concepts that make significant contributions in either the production methods for stainless steels or for the application of stainless steels in service. 

The Amalooloo (developed and patented by Betram (Pty) Ltd) is a unique sanitation system for both waterborne and dry (ventilated improved pit) toilets. This affordable, superior product does not compromise on quality or style and includes the safe management, collection, storage, treatment and disposal of human excreta. This product addresses the dangers associated with the pit toilet systems that are currently being used in rural or remote areas with dire consequences. 

The external structure of the Amalooloo sanitation system is constructed out of precast reinforced concrete and the toilet system (seats, reservoirs and flushing mechanisms) are a durable plastic. All components are bolted together using stainless steel (304) fasteners and anti-theft bolts to ensure the structure is steady and sturdy. The doors, door frame and metal trims are made from 3CR12 material. This assists to keep the product durable, not only due to its strength and corrosion resistance, but also rigidity to house the critical locking mechanisms that will not degrade over time, ensuring privacy and safety for the users. 

In 2017, Columbus Stainless was also awarded Silver award in the safety category for focusing on reducing accidents and damage to material as well as improving controls and safety in the transport fleets. In 2018, the Company also won a number of awards at the same event. It was on this occasion that Columbus was awarded Gold award for the Ladders that improved the safety and work environment at the weigh bridge gate, Silver 

award in the best development category for the solar drier and also a Silver award in the sustainability category for the water recovery plant. 

The winning streak continued in 2020 when Columbus Stainless won the Gold award in the Best New Technology category with Turnkey Modular on the development and successful manufacture of modular factory cabins (e-houses) using Columbus patented 3CR12. 

Columbus Stainless CEO, Johan Strydom said he was immensely pleased and proud of how good the Acerinox Group did this year, he emphasised that the continued leadership and support given by Executive members in the group is the reason that all Columbus employees strive to bring Gold home every year. “This is a true testament to our people’s passion and commitment to the promotion of stainless steel that is entrenched in our vision of Making Tomorrow Stainless” he said.