Cleaner LPG and natural gas generators making inroads in local market

17th April 2020 By: Halima Frost - Senior Writer

Cleaner LPG and natural gas generators making inroads in local market

WHAT A GAS A new liquefied petroleum gas-powered generator is now available for South African businesses and homes

Gas-to-power solutions provider Sustainable Power Generation (SustainPower) says the adoption of its cleaner, environment-friendly liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas generators that are available to homes and businesses in South Africa has been quite successful – to the extent that the company will soon expand operations.

SustainPower, based in Cape Town, and with one branch in Johannesburg, plans to establish distributorships across South Africa and across its borders.

The company provides sustainable energy solutions for demanding locations using gaseous fuels and solar energy for power generation. The company has also extended its focus from large-scale industrial and commercial gas-to-power solutions to providing homes and businesses with clean, emergency backup power solutions.

SustainPower understands that grid power availability has become an uncertainty in South Africa, and during times of crisis, there are serious doubts regarding the country’s ability to cope with power generation. 

The company explains that, for the past year, load-shedding has been affecting small to medium-sized businesses negatively, and interrupting households.

Many of these businesses close their doors during load-shedding and simply wait it out, “losing revenue while watching their customers walk past closed doors.”

Other business owners have used less favorable generators, often causing – in the case of restaurants – an unpleasant atmosphere for customers. 

Owing to its partnership with generator manufacturer Pramac, now part of backup- power generation equipment company Generac, SustainPower can offer the gas-powered generators to the African market.

SustainPower enthuses that these gas-powered emergency backup generators are available for households and small to medium-sized businesses, without the noise and maintenance of its diesel or petrol counterparts.

The LPG option offers a cleaner advantage for homes and small to medium-sized businesses, such as restaurants, which are impacted by load-shedding. The units are simple to use and require little maintenance, with many South African homes and restaurants equipped with an LPG installation to connect the generator.

Residential and commercial areas with natural gas supply enjoy an even greater benefit, as natural gas prices are significantly lower than those of the other fuel options.

Using LPG is cleaner than diesel, and the gas generator’s suitability for applications other than those in the commercial sector make it an attractive option in the South African market, says SustainPower COO Ames Martin.

He suggests that adding a small, reliable gas generator is a simple process, and the company’s turnkey offering means that the company facilitates the entire process for the client. 

The SustainPower standby product line ranges from 8 kVA to 500 kVA. The residential and commercial generators use small, air-cooled engines made in the US by Generac.

“During a power crisis, SustainPower is there for you with clean and reliable emergency power,” concludes Martin.