Clean energy storage for mines

28th May 2020

Clean energy storage for mines

AESS is a representative of ESS, manufacturer of the Iron Flow battery

Reliable, cost-effective, 24/7 energy supply is an essential resource for successful mining operations, whether grid-connected or off-grid. The reliability of utility-sourced electricity can be a challenge for mines in Africa, while off-grid diesel generation and related fuel-supply costs and logistics may also be problematic.  In addition, the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions and escalating carbon taxes are also a consideration in the mining industry.

Solar energy is increasingly being used to substitute and supplement energy from both grid and off-grid sources; however, solar energy is not available around-the-clock, and is therefore seen as an inadequate source of energy, without the availability of long-duration energy storage.

Africa Energy Storage Solutions (AESS) focusses on clean energy storage solutions in Southern and East Africa. It believes that clean energy requires clean batteries and to this end, has been instrumental in the selection of the ESS Iron Flow battery as the storage technology of choice by a Southern Africa energy company working in the Southern African Development Community region, as well as in the first concept design of a 10 MW/40 MWh battery for delivering 24/7 solar power at various locations.

AESS is a representative of ESS, manufacturer of the Iron Flow battery and an established flow battery manufacturing company based in the US. The company also works with established engineering, procurement and construction organisations with a track record of delivering large renewable energy projects at national and international levels.

The two product configurations using the Iron Flow Redox electrolyte and power modules are:

AESS states the additional features and benefits of the ESS Iron Flow battery as follows:

Export–import credit finance instruments are available from US Ex-Im Bank  for up to 85% of the project cost qualifying customers incur in the purchase of the energy storage platforms. In addition, performance and business continuity coverage is backed by Munich Re insurance.