City of Tshwane approves report to lease two power stations to independent producers

26th January 2024 By: News24Wire

The City of Tshwane could be closer to an "energy-secure" metro, having approved a second report allowing it to proceed with the 40-year lease of its Rooiwal and Pretoria West power stations to independent power producers. 

The mayor, Cilliers Brink, said the approval of the report followed positive engagements with the public and other relevant stakeholders.

"Today's council approval is one of the six steps to get the two power stations running again. It marks a major milestone in moving Tshwane closer to energy independence and stabilising the electricity supply to communities," said Brink.

He added that the city sought to secure at least 1 000 MW of alternative energy.

News24 previously reported that Brink outlined the city's plan to reduce its dependence on power utility Eskom by leasing its power stations to independent power producers.

Brink said the city had coughed up R300-million yearly on salaries for staff and maintenance at the power stations.

He said both stations had not been in operation since 2012, which he attributed to the cost of stockpiling coal to operate the stations.

On Thursday, Brink assured Tshwane residents that the move would benefit them.

He added that the appointment process of independent power producers would be transparent and fair. 

"Tshwane residents should be proud of this progressive step because every time higher stages of load shedding hit us, it destroys our infrastructure, leads to prolonged outages and frustration, and creates opportunities for cable theft. That is why this project to move in a different direction is so important for our future," said Brink.