Chevron South Africa empowers logistics company to use drones, expand fleet

25th June 2018 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Creamer Media Online Writer

Chevron South Africa empowers logistics company to use drones, expand fleet

Crusade Logistics using drone technology

Black-owned petroleum logistics company Crusade Logistics is being aided by some of the newest technology available in logistics, as it goes toe to toe with bigger fuel hauling companies.

Crusade uses drones to create its niche in the fuel distribution business.

The company plans routes and monitors driver safety, while providing customers with two-hourly updates on the estimated arrival time to fuel depots.

“We mark out the routes first with drones to give drivers visual cues and familiar landmarks on an electronic journey plan. We have seen a marked improvement in driver safety and it also reduces the risk of trucks getting lost with a full load of fuel onboard,” explains Crusade co-owner Wesley Naidoo.

Additionally, the company uses GoPro cameras and media production software to map out transport routes, providing drivers with an electronic journey plan, which has improved driver safety statistics, fuel efficiency and customer reliability.

Crusade’s use of this technology is enabled through Chevron South Africa’s enterprise and supplier development programme, which offers unsecured, interest-free funding to existing black-owned businesses in its value chain.

Crusade services the KwaZulu-Natal and inland depot route for Chevron’s Caltex fuel brand. The programme has helped Crusade expand its truck fleet from two to 14 vehicles.

Chevron South Africa fleet operations manager Noma Dumse comments that start-up firms are held to the same exacting standards as more established suppliers and, while there can be significant barriers to entry for new entrants, Chevron is keen to enable their success by providing them with business opportunities within its fuel supply chain.