buys into Karoo off-grid solar project through Sun Exchange

21st October 2022 By: Irma Venter - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor

Global solar leasing platform Sun Exchange has announced that South African automotive platform has bought into a project that provides off-grid solar power, as well as battery storage, to the Karoo Fresh commercial farm.

By using the Sun Exchange platform to buy more than 16 000 solar cells, valued at more than R2.5-million, says it hopes to leverage its balance sheet to drive sustainable energy, while also creating an alternative income stream for its business over the 20-year life span of the solar project.

The 332.1 kW solar project, as well as 640 kWh storage, which is already generating electricity, is Sun Exchange’s first fully off-grid project.

The project provides power to Karoo Fresh’s irrigation system, enabling the farm to expand its production of brassica and saffron, while reducing its reliance on diesel power.

The project is expected to replace about 90 000 ℓ of diesel a year, while also avoiding an estimated 240 t of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

This is equivalent to about 960 000 km driven in an average passenger vehicle.

Sun Exchange says it is in the planning stages of the next phase of the project, which will eliminate the farm’s reliance on diesel altogether.

“Our belief that business can be a powerful force for good is one of’s core values and essential to our culture,” says cofounder Alastair MacMurray.

“We are proud to be associated with Sun Exchange and the Karoo Fresh solar project as part of our vision to protect our environment and be a carbon-negative business.”

“The Sun Exchange platform is all about enabling access to the benefits of the clean energy economy for all,” adds Sun Exchange CEO Abe Cambridge.

“Having buy solar cells to power Karoo Fresh through the Sun Exchange platform demonstrates the vital role the private sector can play in addressing some of today’s most pressing sustainability challenges.”

Sun Exchange has, since 2015, enabled solar power for more than 65 businesses, farms, schools and other organisations in Southern Africa.

Individuals and businesses from 180 countries across the world use the Sun Exchange platform to buy and own solar cells, produce clean electricity and “earn with purpose”.