Cable ties offered for harsh environments

12th July 2013

Electric and digital building specialist Legrand notes that important components in its industrial product range are Colson cable ties, designed for use in areas with exposure to aggressive chemicals, moisture, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet rays.

“These flexible and corrosion-resistant Colson cable ties can withstand the effects of oils, greases, petroleum products, chlorinated solvents and saline mists,” says Legrand Southern Africa GM Luk Ivens.

The cable ties have a humidity absorption rate of under 2% and can endure temperatures of between –40 ºC and 85 ºC. This range is also fire resistant, with a flame application time in accordance with EN 50146: 10 s.

Colson cable ties are available in halogen- free black polyamide, with external or internal teeth. This range has a minimum tensile strength of 22 dekanewton (daN) and a maximum ratchet force of 5.5 daN.

A special tool used to tighten these cable ties ensures a perfectly tight and secure installation, with excess material easily cut off for a neat finish.

Accessories include screw-on, wall plug bases and DLP trunking bases, as well as screw-in wall plugs and bolts for cable trays and sheet metal. The flexibility of Legrand’s products enables the use of Colson cable ties, irrespective of the type of support in the installation, says Ivens.

“Legrand has made a substantial investment in the research and development of this range. These cable ties have undergone ultraviolet resistance and climatic ageing tests to ensure reliable operation and extended service life in the most demanding environments,” he notes.

Legrand’s solutions-based service is offered to specialist industries, including the mining, industrial, commercial, healthcare, hospitality and domestic sectors. The local operation provides a complete consultation, installation and support service throughout Southern Africa, he adds.

Legrand offers an extensive range of electrical products and systems for the industrial sector. These include control and signalling devices, cable-marking systems, terminal blocks, enclosures and industrial sockets, as well as transformers and power supplies.