Brick machine supplier embraces the benefits of Vesconite Hilube bushings

22nd May 2024

Brick machine supplier embraces the benefits of Vesconite Hilube bushings

A South African manufacturer and supplier of concrete brick-making machines has started using Vesconite Hilube linear bushings as spare parts for its manual/electric brick-making machines and as standard components in its range of manual brick-making machines.

The Vesconite Hilube wear-resistant self-lubricating bushings are installed on the shafts on which the tamper guide system moves to compress the concrete aggregate to produce bricks.

Vesconite Hilube has become a standard feature in the manually-operated brick-making machines produced by the company. These machines cater to entrepreneurs and startup companies requiring low-output production, where reliability and ease of maintenance are paramount. Each hand-operated machine, known as an egg layer, incorporates eight Vesconite Hilube bushings, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Vesconite Hilube bushings are also offered as replacement bushings for the manual/electric brick-making machines that the brick-machine company sources from elsewhere. Supplied with steel bushings initially, the company offers Vesconite Hilube bushings as replacements, recognising their superior performance, longevity and good availability. These machines, equipped with 16 Vesconite Hilube linear bushings, cater for higher production demands.

The decision to adopt Vesconite Hilube bushings stems from their many advantages.

Foremost among these is the simplicity of installation and replacement. Traditional steel bushings supplied with manual/electric machines are prone to breakage, particularly during removal. Vesconite Hilube bushings have streamlined maintenance procedures because of their ease of installation and removal. They also minimise downtime since they are fit-for-purpose and include holes for the screws that attach the bushings to the blocks that are placed on the four shafts on which the tamper guide system is located.

Moreover, Vesconite Hilube demonstrates remarkable resistance to wear and tear, a crucial requirement for brick-making machines exposed to harsh environments in which cement and dust are found. Operators are encouraged to clean the machines before and after shifts but, where this does not occur, maintenance challenges are increased and are more effectively managed where Vesconite Hilube bushings are in place.

The transition from steel bushings to Vesconite Hilube has also mitigated the issue of accelerated wear on shafts caused by metal-on-metal friction. This wear and tear had in the past necessitated shaft replacements, incurring additional costs and operational disruptions. With Vesconite Hilube in place, the brick-making machine supplier anticipates improving the durability of both bushings and shafts, translating into long-term cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

Collaboration between the brick-making machine supplier and Vesconite Bearings, the supplier of the bushings, has been ongoing for several years, facilitating continuous improvement in bushing design and performance. With each iteration, the bushings have become increasingly snug on the shaft, promising further machine efficiency and reliability enhancements.

The brick-making machine supplier acknowledges the varying degrees of wear experienced on their clients' machines, depending on usage and maintenance practices. However, the company reports no bushing-related issues since Vesconite Hilube bushings were introduced.