Bosch products, proudly made in South Africa

17th September 2021

Bosch products, proudly made in South Africa

Bosch in Africa is integrated into the tapestry of the automotive industry in South Africa and has served the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry for more than 40 years. Bosch Brits, in the North West, manufactures electro-mechanical automotive components such as front wiper systems and starter motors, alternators, and brake callipers on behalf of its contract partners. The local automotive industry benefits from international advancements in technology from Bosch, which is a leading global supplier of automotive components and technology.

Its electronic plant offers printed circuit board assembly for both automotive and non-automotive use where quality is key. Production complies with all automotive quality standards (ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016). 

The Brits plant also benefits from an expert import logistic competence, allowing logistic flow improvement with local currency invoicing, serving customers from Brits and other logistic hubs.

We are more than willing to support any localisation initiatives, unlocking the full potential of the local Automotive Production and Development Programme Phase 2. 

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We will evaluate and investigate all ideas to make the African automotive market grow. Contact us on 

Bosch Automotive’s presence in Africa also supports the future of mobility initiatives, such as electrification and connected service for mobility in all extended automotive sectors, including off-highway applications, two-wheelers, buses, trucks, MSP, LSP, etc.