Boiler, steam generator supplier servicing businesses across Africa

3rd November 2023 By: Trent Roebeck - Features Reporter

Boiler, steam generator supplier servicing businesses across Africa

EIGHT CERTUSS STEAM GENERATORS Steam Generation installed CERTUSS steam generators at a brewery in Ghana

After a successful showcase of its product offerings at the inaugural Boiler World Africa exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2023, Steam Generation shows no signs of slowing its business of supplying “world-class” boilers and steam generators to clients throughout Africa.

Another one of Steam Generation’s most recent achievements is the company’s supplying and commissioning of a Cochran ST23 – which is a 5 000 kg/hr, 1 000 kPa diesel-fired package steam boiler – in Lusaka, Zambia.

Steam Generation is also now competent to supply, install and commission its gas and oil CERTUSS steam generators, as well as the Generation E Electric Units, having sent some of its staff members for training in Germany.

Additionally, the company is responsible for the supplying, installing and commissioning of eight CERTUSS Universal 2 000 kg/hr, 1 000 kPa dual-fired (gas and oil) steam generator, at a brewery in Ghana. This system – which was installed in a way that makes it easily accessible, and with space-saving in mind – was complemented by two CERTUSS CVE supply units, which are responsible for the regulating of all the connections for electricity, energy, steam and water.

These achievements tie in with Steam Generation’s mission and objective to grow its client base on the African continent as a supplier of high-quality, efficient and reliable steam boilers and steam generators. The company has already supplied, installed or commissioned Cochran boilers in Kenya, Ghana, Guatemala, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia.

“Our main objective is growing our African client base with our two ‘best of breed’ steam and hot water firetube boilers from Cochran UK, and CERTUSS steam generators from Germany,” says Steam Generation MD John Rundle.

Steam Generation first began its partnership with Cochran in 2014, when the company became the official African agent for Cochran. Since then, it has successfully completed projects on the African continent.

“Since 2014, when we became the official African agent for Cochran, we have successfully installed a range of their boilers – from the Coalmaster, to the ST23, ST25 and ST36 in Africa. We have also worked in collaboration with Napasol and Cochran to install and/or commission numerous macadamia sterilisation plants in Kenya, South Africa, and recently in Guatemala,” says Rundle.

In 2021, the company formed an important partnership with CERTUSS, which enabled Steam Generation to provide its customer base with a wider range of “best-of-breed” products. The CERTUSS product range includes the new high-tech package steam generator, which is ideal for meeting the demands of processes that require flexible steam generation, as the CERTUSS high-tech package steam generator can supply steam as “multiple systems”. Steam Generation, in conjunction with CERTUSS, has commissioned steam generators in Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa and Uganda.

“The multiple systems by CERTUSS enable a highly flexible steam supply while saving energy. With the integrated diagnostic system, steam production is ideally distributed between the baseload boiler and the peak-load boiler. This allows needs-orientated operation with a long service life, which is, in turn, sustainable,” states Rundle.

By ensuring a comprehensive supply of boiler and steam parts, Steam Generation is “well-geared” to supply energy efficient and sustainable solutions to various African countries and aims to do more business in East Africa.