BMG supplies range of hydraulic and pneumatic seals

19th October 2018

BMG supplies range  of hydraulic and  pneumatic seals

HALLITE TYPE 506 These bearing strips are used extensively on hydraulic cylinder rod and piston applications and can withstand extreme side loads, preventing metal to metal contact

Technical solutions provider BMG – the only official distributor for hydraulic and pneumatic seals manufacturer and sealing solutions provider Hallite Seals in Central and Southern Africa – supplies an extensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic seals and sealing solutions for demanding environments.

Hallite sealing systems are manufactured from robust materials, which include nitrile rubbers, rubber and fabric compounds and thermoplastic elastomers – all proven to keep a system free from external contaminations, says BMG seals and gaskets business unit manager Marc Gravett.

“Hallite’s design engineers and material technologists give careful attention to seal profile design and material selection and product properties are methodically studied to ensure the finished component has the required qualities to cope efficiently in harsh operating conditions.”

He comments that the seals are subjected to extensive testing that reproduces continuous operating conditions where leakage, dynamic and breakout friction are recorded and performance factors such as pressure, speed and temperature are carefully monitored.

Included in this range of hydraulic and pneumatic seals are rod and gland seals, piston and static seals, as well as support and bearing components, which are constantly upgraded to keep abreast with changing market demand.

Hallite Type 780 double acting piston seals with a robust assembly for efficient operation, offer reduced wear resistance and extended service life on any hydraulic cylinder application.

Although these piston seals have been designed especially for one piece pistons, they are also suitable for two piece pistons. The Type 780 is similar to the popular DAS seal.

These double acting seals consist of a nitrile rubber sealing element, two split support rings and two split L-shaped bearings – one of each is located on either side of the seal.

The sealing element is designed with multi-lips for efficient dynamic sealing with minimal low pressure friction. When pressurised, the lips of the support ring are extended to protect the system from extrusion damage.

The support rings – which are manufactured from a tough, flexible polymer – and the L-shaped bearings are grooved to ensure that the fluid pressure properly energises the sealing element and prevents pressure trapping within the seal assembly.

These double acting piston seals can withstand operating conditions at a maximum speed of 0.5 m a second, a temperature range of between –30 ºC and 100 ºC and at a maximum pressure of 400 bar.

Hallite Type 506 self-lubricating bearing strips, which are designed for high load capability, low friction and minimal swell, are manufactured to tight tolerances, providing bearing solutions for reciprocating, oscillating and slow rotary movement applications.

These easy to use bearing strips are available as cut rings, which are cut to size and customer specifications, ready for installation. They are also supplied as spiral lengths in various preformed diameters to suit a range of inside and outside diameters. The bearing strips are also available in a flat coil form in 10 m lengths suitable for a range of diameters. Flat coils are packed in a dispenser for easy handling and storage.

Hallite Type 506 bearing strips are used extensively on hydraulic cylinder rod and piston applications and can withstand extreme side loads, preventing metal to metal contact. The material’s design incorporates micro indentations on the bearing strip’s surface to trap fluid and provide built-in lubrication to the bearing. The bearing strip is manufactured using a woven fabric reinforced polyester resin material that is compatible with different fluids, including mineral oils, water-based fluids and phosphate esters.

BMG’s range of quality branded sealing products – which includes rotary shaft, toric, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, as well as allied products such as O-rings, waved washers, circlips, mechanical seals, gland packing and adhesives –complies with stringent international and local quality specifications.

The company’s commitment to providing high-quality seals is evident in the extreme care taken in brand selection, in terms of standardisation, reliability, flexibility and consistent quality controls. The sealing products meet the demands of the original-equipment manufacturer and end-user for efficient performance from equipment that needs to work harder and for longer periods, as productivity levels increase.

BMG, which has been the exclusive distributor in Southern Africa for Hallite Seals for over 35 years, provides a technical advisory and support service in all sectors.