Blue Cube Systems

31st January 2020

Blue Cube Systems

Blue Cube Systems is a technology company focused on real-time in-line instrumentation for the mineral processing industry. It provides analysers that deliver consistent benefits for mineral processing plants.

The Mineral Quantifier in-line, or MQi, Analyser technology is based on diffuse reflective or absorption spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques adapted for the measurement of dry mineral streams, mineral slurries and hydrometallurgical applications.

Blue Cube Systems’ unique products allow for safe, in-line optical analysis for process optimisation. The MQi Analyser detects optical differences in the near ultraviolet, visible and near infrared ranges. The system is designed for real-time, accessible data required for optimum process control. Measurements are immediately available via the plant control room as well as a designated web portal.

The technology is applied to provide fast and reliable in-line measurements, enabling process control, rapid stabilisation and optimised settings for process equipment. Measurements are taken in-situ at 15-second intervals, with samples required only for calibration purposes.

The company’s latest product, the Blue Cube Sample Optimiser system, is designed to reduce the time and resources required for on-site reference sample collection, optimises timing for sample-taking and consequently improves the calibration accuracy of its associated in-line analyser.

Blue Cube Systems was established in March 2001 and is based in Neutron Street, Technopark, Stellenbosch. 

The company sources high-quality components globally and manufactures its analysers in-house, according to CSA and CE certification standards.

Blue Cube Systems has a number of installations across the world, in various industries and all its installations are sup-ported and monitored on a daily basis.