Blockchain to restore online gaming credibility

30th April 2018 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Blockchain to restore online gaming credibility

Blockchain to restore online gaming credibility

The humanity was always keen on risk and gambling regardless of the culture or civilization. Hundreds of simple games, such as heads or tails, were invented centuries ago and eventually evolved into the modern online games with flashing lights and jackpots. However, since the very invention of gambling, there were always fraudsters hungry for players' money. Online gaming has the same problem - unprepared players usually fail to recognize a dishonest casino. Moreover, considering that online slots are easily rewritable lines of code, even a vivid gambler may fail to avoid being scammed.


The problem got worse with the invention of the online casino - the gaming providers could easily change the winnings, bonuses, or even symbols on the reels. Thus, the industry had suffered a huge credibility damage, which forced honest gaming providers to think of new ways to provide their players with a comfortable and safe gaming experience. Luckily, the blockchain is perfect for the task.

Blockchain - is a system of interconnected neutral blocks. Every transaction has to have a correct value in order for each block in order for the process to be successful, which makes the money exchange a lot more trustworthy. Considering the fact, that most of the fraudsters used to scam people even at the account funding stage, the transparency is necessary for the players to feel safe during the payment processes.

Another issue which may be solved by the blockchain based online casinos is the gaming results and slot mechanics alternation. Some dishonest casinos used to cheat with the winnings, bonuses, and payments by alternating the specific lines of code. The transparency and publicity of the Blockchain will make such manipulations visible thus informing the player about the gaming house cheating.

Taking into account free access to the transaction recordings, it’s obvious, that the Blockchain is perfect for online casinos. The dishonesty of some online games providers is the biggest issue for gamblers. The fraudsters can hide or obscure the winnings data from public security or fake the gaming results. However, the new system will soon push the scammers off the online games market and secure the players’ identities. Without the need for an intermediary to verify the transactions, the new breed of online gaming houses will become decentralized and fair.

Although the technology is yet to be widely implemented, the players can already fully enjoy it at