Bigen Africa appointed to manage extension of Clanwilliam Dam

17th August 2015

Bigen Africa appointed to manage extension of Clanwilliam Dam

Company Announcement - Bigen Africa, a leading infrastructure development company, has been appointed site supervision and contract management service provider during the extension of the Clanwilliam dam structure in the Cederberg Local Municipality, which includes raising the wall from its current height of 43m to 56m. The project was commissioned by the Department of Water and Sanitation this year, and the wall raising will be the second since the concrete gravity dam was built on the  on the Olifants River in 1935,  with the first raising occurring in 1964.  The total projected cost is more than R2billion and   completion is anticipated within five years.

“Raising the dam wall by another 13m will result in an additional 70 million cubic metres of water a year flowing to farmers downstream, “explains Mias van der Walt, Divisional Managing Principal of Water and Sanitation at Bigen Africa. The improvements to the dam will also entail the construction of a new intake and outlet structure, and a small hydro power station.

“Bigen Africa, with its vision of improving the quality of life of all through the development of sustainable infrastructure solutions, is thrilled to be leading this project as the local communities stand to benefit greatly from the increased water capacity. With more than 650 jobs being created for these communities as well, the company’s creed of ‘Doing good while doing business’ is also being put into practice at Clanwilliam Dam” Bigen Africa’s proposal to DWS included amongst others the appointment of BES Africa Engineering & Management Consulting as well as Xpanders (Pty) Ltd as sub- consultants on the project. These appointments form part of Bigen Africa’s internal enterprise development programme. The company’s scope on the project includes, amongst other roles, design and drafting assistance to DWS Engineering Services, contract administration, quality and progress monitoring, environmental monitoring, health and safety monitoring, cost monitoring and the compilation of an operating manual and completion report.

Although the dam improvements are still far from complete, there is anticipation in the surrounding communities. “We are waiting for the completion of this dam and the improvement it will make to all our lives” one of the excited residents said.
Bigen Africa provides engineering, management consulting, and development financing and advisory services on cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure projects in several African countries.  The company integrates the entire value chain in an infrastructure development process through in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships – from feasibility studies through project preparation, management and implementation to development finance and ongoing asset management.