Bidvest Panalpina Logistics’ industry-specific approach to supply chains

5th November 2018

Bidvest Panalpina Logistics’ industry-specific approach to supply chains

South African-owned and managed freight solutions provider Bidvest Panalpina Logistics is a proudly Bidvest company and a valued partner of the Panalpina Group. It provides supply chain solutions that include ​air, ocean, warehousing, road transport and customs broking in all major industries.

BPL has a rich history that goes back over one hundred years. Locations across South Africa ensure that BPL can offer its services across the country and, indeed, the globe. Being part of the international Panalpina network enables BPL to deliver a service to and from all countries around the globe. The partnership with Panalpina, dates back more than forty years and the strength of the relationship can be seen in the fact that BPL is the only company in the network that is not Panalpina owned yet carries the name.

BPL’s centres of excellence include the strongest Customs service in South Africa, which is critical to the efficient turnaround of cargo. The company’s highly qualified supply chain engineers assist clients by analysing their processes and how they can reduce the times of moving cargo as well as the associated costs.

A highly industry-specific approach caters for tailor made solutions to a wide range of industries, including automotive, chemicals, FMCG, hi-tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical. This approach to different markets stems from the Bidvest-way of promoting entrepreneurial solutions and decision-making and not being too prescriptive in its offering to clients.

Some examples are: the hi-tech industry, which prioritises speed, security, and control; the chemical industry prioritises compliance and health and safety and the pharmaceutical industry demands temperature controlled cargo solutions.

BPL offers warehousing solutions for any supply chain requirements. Strategically located warehouses across South Africa include a combination of dedicated and multi-user warehouses with a total floor capacity in excess of 200 000 square metres. The Rosslyn warehouse comprises 24 000 square meters under cover storage and 10 000 square metres yard storage. It is ISO-accredited for flammable liquid storage and holds permits for the transport of dangerous goods as well as strict health and safety management.

Multiple storage and packing solutions include bulk, shelving, in rack, bonded, flammable and temperature-controlled. The company offers an additional warehousing solution to manage the warehouse operations at a customer’s facility. BPL’s training programmes, sophisticated computer systems and specialised materials handling equipment ensure that it delivers warehousing solutions of the highest standards.

BPL Roadfreight forms part of the multiple industry solutions. Technology plays a huge role in innovation and cost management and a paperless initiative with sign on glass technology has had huge success. Future plans include managing internal billing platforms to maximise consolidated shipments.

BPL’s unique culture is based on its vision and values and offers competency and career based development solutions to create and maintain a successful business. It has an accredited training institution and offers learnerships and leadership development platforms.

Built on the development of its people and its infrastructure, BPL today is one of the largest and most successful providers of global supply chain and logistics services in Southern Africa.​​ For further information call +27 11 570 6000, email or visit