Be All You Can With Central Technical College

2nd October 2019

Be All You Can With Central Technical College

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In a rapidly transforming world, there has never been a more urgent need for engineers. Engineers make an idea and a design possible, more than that, they take what has been imagined and bring it to life for human consumption.

Central Technical College has qualified lecturers to assist each student individually harness their potential to be the best engineers in the field. Let us journey to greatness with you.


Have you always been fascinated by the chemical aspect of engineering? Central Technical College will teach you the core fundamentals of science, chemicals and mathematics in engineering. The goal is to get you to be a leader in the chemical engineering space.

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Electricity is one of the most basic societal needs. Life stops when supply is interrupted  ΜΆ Central Technical College trains you to find innovative ways to improve the flow and supply of electricity in South Africa and even Africa.

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Civil engineering is all about building fresh infrastructure. The important thing about infrastructure is the role it plays in development and accessibility for all. A civil engineering qualification allows you to make this possible.

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Mechanical engineering bridges the gap between ideas and the marketplace. It is all about ingenuity that produces functional products for everyday use, whether big or small. If you are passionate about creating, this is the career for you.

National N Certificate:  Engineering Studies (Mechanical)

National N Diploma:  Mechanical Engineering

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