Automation modules offer benefits for decentralised applications

9th October 2020

Automation modules offer benefits for decentralised applications

Decentralised automation modules from Pilz

German automation technology company Pilz offers a number of automation modules that offer a high degree of decentralisation in the field.

Its PDP20 modules feature protection type IP20, while its PSS67 and PDP67 modules feature IP67 protection and are available for decentralised applications directly in the field.

Modules with protection type IP67 are resistant to dirt and water and input modules are also available with SafetyNET p for integration into the PSS 4000 automation system, as well as input modules for connection to PNOZmulti. With the PDP20 interface modules, Pilz offers interface modules for short signal paths decentrally in the field.

The global supplier of automation products, systems and services outlines a number of benefits of field devices, including:

Field devices offer simple decentralisation, with features such as:

With the PDP20 interface modules PDP20 F 4 mag, Pilz offers solutions for decentralised field applications with protection type IP20.  The interface modules are integrated into small installation boxes close to the sensors that are to be connected, ensuring short signal paths for the sensors and a safe connection to the control.

The company outlines the following benefits of interface module PDP20:

Additional safety features of the short signal paths offered by the PDP20 are said to include:

In addition, the interface modules can be cascaded and the PDP20 can be used without restriction in all industries and application areas. The module is suitable for applications which require a series connection up to PL d or PL e and it is particularly suitable for safety gate applications, such as in packaging machines.

The interface module is also ideal for the series connection of contact-based sensors such as PSENmag up to PL e. This provides a standard-compliant solution in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. The interface module can be connected to dual-channel evaluation devices, such as PNOZsigma, PNOZmulti and PSS. Up to four sensors can be connected to each PDP20 module.

It is also possible to cascade the PDP20 modules. In this case, each cascaded module will provide another three sensor interfaces.