Auto components manufacturer launches portable drill winch

24th March 2017

Auto components manufacturer launches portable drill winch

WARN DRILL WINCH The portable WARN Drill Winch makes rigging fast and easy

Automotive components manufacturer Torre Parts & Components has launched the WARN drill winch, which runs off a standard portable drill that turns it into a versatile pulling tool.

The drill winch is portable, has no electronics and can be used in transport, timber and forestry, plant hire, automotive workshops, mining, construction, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, fencing, 4 × 4 and boating applications.

The front and rear rigging hooks are included, along with a spool clutch, 10 m of wire rope and an integrated hawse fairlead.

According to Torre, the winch makes rigging fast and easy, and can be used for moving loads onto trucks and trailers.

The lightweight unit is ultraportable and has a 250 kg pulling capacity.

It is available from DIY and outdoor retail outlets.