Astron Energy supports the critical mining sector through innovative solutions

17th May 2024 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Astron Energy supports the critical mining sector through innovative solutions

As a leading energy company and key player in the South African mining industry, Astron Energy is at the forefront of the latest innovations and technology being deployed in the mining sector.

Astron Energy’s theme for 2024, Unlocking New Ways, is a testament to how the company sees itself able to support customers in the mining industry through innovative solutions and leading technology.

The mining sector continues to evolve, driven by new technologies, new and younger entrants, as well as a focus on increased sustainability.

Astron Energy is a significant contributor and key enabler to the mining and energy sectors in South Africa. The company has a commercial offering through the supply of fuel and lubricants for a wide range of use across the mining sector.

The restart of the Astron Energy refinery in Milnerton, Cape Town, ensures Astron Energy can supply a sizeable quantity of the country’s and the mining sector’s fuel and lubricant needs.

Astron Energy acting GM of Commercial & Industrial Axola Myendeki says the company is focused on supporting customers, resulting in greater efficiencies and the further realisation of untapped potential through technological advancements.

“This all forms part of our bespoke value offering to mining customers to keep the wheels of industry turning, thus supporting the growth of the South African economy,” he said.

Astron Energy operates an extensive network across South Africa and parts of Southern Africa, consisting of 15 terminals, over 850 forecourts, the refinery and a lubricants manufacturing plant in Durban.

The requirement for dependable, high-quality energy solutions is critical in the demanding and fast-paced industries such as mining and transport. These industries are the foundation of the South African economy, and they demand the best resources to function efficiently and sustainably.

As a leading energy company and key player in the mining and energy sectors of South Africa, Astron Energy is committed to supporting customers through tailored and bespoke products and solutions.

New Astron Energy Quartech Fuel

Astron Energy’s new fuel offers petrol and diesel formulated with the company’s premium additive Quartech™ and Quartech D™.

The fuel is designed for improved protection against damage from combustion, which helps engines live longer.

High-Quality Diesel for High-Demand Industries

Astron Energy's high-quality diesel is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and reliability. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mining, agriculture, manufacturing and logistics sectors, Astron Energy diesel fuel is a key component in driving operational efficiency. It is a product of extensive research, rigorous testing and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Lubricant Solutions: Reducing Friction, Increasing Efficiency, Increasing Equipment Reliability and Maximising the full potential of Lubricants

Astron Energy's lubricant solutions are a further testament to the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. The range of lubricants, including both industrial and automotive lubricants, are formulated to provide superior protection, prolong equipment life and enhance performance.

In industries where every second counts, Astron Energy's lubricants ensure that machinery operates at peak efficiency. These lubricants are more than just products; they are solutions designed to reduce friction, increase efficiency and, ultimately, drive the success of businesses in sectors such as mining.

But Astron Energy offers more than just high-quality products. The company takes a holistic approach to business, working closely with long-standing customers as well as newer entrants to understand their unique challenges and co-create efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The company prides itself on its sector-specific expertise, particularly in the mining sector which allows it to provide tailored solutions that address the specific needs of customers.

Myendeki adds: “Astron Energy offers a distinct advantage in the provision of high-quality diesel and lubricant solutions. Our long history, commitment to quality and innovation, sector-specific expertise, and dedication to sustainability and transformation make us a preferred partner for businesses in the critical mining and other sectors of the economy.”

“We are a proudly South African company and believe in creating a future together. We are committed to enabling our mining customers to operate in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.”